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The Sims28 July 2k GameSpot Interview
GameSpot has a four-page interview with Wright about The Sims, Livin’ Large and what’s new at Maxis.
GS: The premise behind a game like The Sims is relatively simple. Why do you think nobody has endeavored to make a “life simulator” before?

WW: Because it’s hard? Some of the simplest-looking things in The Sims (like cooking a meal) are really very complex when you consider how many different situations we have to deal with. There are an infinite variety of kitchen configurations the player can design and a large number of social contexts [that] can occur – the whole family attracted to a group meal at the same time, sitting together and then conversing over dinner, etc. And this is maybe just 2 percent of the total behavioral code. This is what is known in the computer industry as a “defensible” technology (supposedly it will be hard for others to re-create this because it was so hard for us to create it).
The Sims Online14 Sep 2k RE: Will Wright
Feed has posted an interview. Is this the first ever mention of TSO?
Well, the main project right now is a version of The Sims that’s online. It’s going to come out some time next year. It’s going to be kind of a massive persistent world, you know, fifty to one hundred thousand people in a city – kind of like Sim City from the top down except there’ll be houses, real houses made by real people who are logged into the game.
The Sims22 Oct 2k GameSpot Feature :: The 15 Most Influential Games of All Time
The 15 Most Influential Games of All Time, as listed by GameSpot, credits the original 1987 SimCity for creating an entirely new genre. Rightfully so, I might add.
The Sims19 Dec 2k GameSpy :: 2000 Game of the Year Awards
The Sims netted a single award for Strategy Game of the Year, with no runners-up or anything anywhere else.
The Sims31 Dec 2k GameSpot :: Best of 2000 Awards
The Sims did very well for itself, garnering nominations in Best Music and Best Expansion Pack for Livin’ Large, and winning awards for Best Sound and the obviously-much-coverted Game of the Year.
We didn’t nominate The Sims for any of our genre awards because the game simply defies categorization. However, we weren’t at all surprised to find the game at the top of all of our editors’ lists as the best choice for our Game of the Year award.
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