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The Sims OnlineAbout The Sims Online
Take your Sims to an online world where you get to be yourself or whoever you want to be. In this world you have your own piece of land to do with as you please. Create a house, coffee bar, dance club, museum, or whatever you can imagine. Explore the neighborhoods around you and meet scores of Sims along the way. Build a network of friends to enhance your power, wealth, reputation and social standing. Be a peacemaker or pest, a recluse or rabble-rouser. In this open-ended, online world, you choose your role, your attitude and your destiny.
  • Create and customize your Sim: be yourself or whoever you want to be.
  • Construct a home, a shop, or whatever you imagine in a user-created, on-line world.
  • Build a network of friends and form shared houses, neighborhoods, businesses and clubs.
  • Communicate with other Sims through text chat and a wide choice of animated gestures and actions.
  • Choose your role and play your way in an open-ended gaming environment.
The Sims Online18 January 02 Most Wanted Games of 2002
GameSpy’s Most Wanted Games of 2002 lists the Sims Online and Republic: The Revolution.
The Sims Online10 August 01 Once Again Previews
GameSpot UK has posted a preview, which gave me deja vu until I checked our previews list and realised that it was basically a slightly watered-down version of the PC Gameplay UK preview.
The Sims Online04 August 01 Online Worlds Fanfest ’01
Last year’s UO-Fest has been expanded into an Online Worlds Fest, to be held in Austin, Texas on the last weekend of October. The scoop is here. Highlights are –
  • Hands-on gameplay experiences from the upcoming massively multiplayer online games from Westwood, Maxis, and EA.COM.
  • Special sessions with the development teams of upcoming and new EA games. Be the first to see what’s coming!
  • Get the scoop directly from the creative forces behind these games with Q&A sessions featuring special guest speakers such as: Will Wright (Creator, The SIMS™); Gordon "Tyrant" Walton (VP and Executive Producer, The SIMS ONLINE™); Brett Sperry (Founder of Westwood and Chief Creative Officer) and many others.
The Sims Online03 August 01 PC Gameplay Interviews
PC Gameplay has posted interviews for TSO and TS:Hot Date, with Wright dropping in for a few questions on the TSO interview. Since they have some strange arrangement for their site and the links may not work, we have mirrored copies here and here.
The Sims Online21 July 01 GameSlice Preview
[ Previews & Reviews ] GameSlice
The Sims Online12 July 01 PC Gameplay UK Preview
When roly-poly unfunny funnyman Drew Carey was transformed into a character from The Sims on his self-titled sitcom, it was yet another indication of the game’s global popularity.

Maxis created the two-minute sequence especially for Carey after seeing references on the show, including the familiar dialogue boxes. Also in the works for the uncannily addictive franchise is a cable TV sitcom next year about a live-action family moving into the virtual world of The Sims. High-concept stuff, particularly the opportunity for creative users of The Sims Online to fashion one new character per episode. Female porn star is a safe bet.
The Sims Online18 June 01 IGN PC Interview
The dust has settled on E3, but news bits keep surfacing here and there, like this interview from IGN PC.
In an online community, there’s this kind of social economy between the community members. Some people have status because they make cool skins or that’s a good website that’s visited a lot, but there’s no real gameplay there. There is a lot of the same dynamics that we’re trying to take from the website into the game, but in a little more structured format.

The big thing is that we have five percent or less of the hardcore players actively entertaining the other ninety-five percent. In fact it’s more like two percent to ninety-eight.

That’s the exact kind of thing we’re trying to get in Sims Online, we’re trying to get the two or three percent of the hardcore a strong incentive to entertain the other ninety-seven percent of the people who play the game, as opposed to just killing them very, very efficiently.
The Sims Online31 May 01 E3 Trailer
GameSpot has posted the TSO E3 Trailer, showing the whole setting up a casino to make some money thing. You can view it at GameSpot’s TSO media page.
The Sims Online29 May 01 60 Second Preview
Quarter to Three has written a preview based on the showing at E3.
Tom’s Comments: I never got around to using IRC channels or AOL chat. The concept of random people chatting is weird enough. But I gotta say: setting up The Sims as a graphical interface for someone to ask someone else what she’s wearing is the cleverest way to not go broke since P.T. Barnum put a bunch of clowns and elephants in tent. You guys have fun, all several million or so of you who buy into this thing. I’ll be over here shooting aliens or something. Playing The Sims gave me the creeps. Playing The Sims online, with other people, would probably just make my skin crawl off my body.
The Sims Online26 May 01 Voodoo Extreme E3 Preview
Voodoo Extreme has posted their E3 Preview, along with this hint from Wright about what’s coming after TSO.
Although The Sims Online is Wright’s main project for a while, he is already thinking about The Sims 2.0, which he says he will work more and more on once the design for Sims Online gets more set in stone. “We are such in the early stages right now, so I’m afraid anything I say is probably wrong,” he admitted, “but we are looking at how to take the storytelling aspects of the game, where people would actually create a story and make that much more dramatic and much more powerful; give them new tools. I’m really excited about it because I think its really going to be The Sims hitting its stride in the single player space.”
The Sims Online22 May 01 E3 Previews
TSO First Impressions from GameSpot.
Visually, The Sims Online appears to use the same engine as the original Sims, but 64 new social interactions have been added. There are also eight different categories for sim interaction, each with sub-categories, giving your sim the ability to express more emotions.
And another preview comes to us from GameSpy.
The Sims Online14 May 01 MSNBC Article
MSNBC has a new article highlighting TSO.
Electronic Arts officials point out that it isn’t really possible to identify in advance players who will turn into bad seeds. “I would prefer to come out of the gate giving players the benefit of the doubt… than come out of the gate assuming that everyone has a dark side,” Mr. Wright says.
Gosh, you would imagine EA has learned something from running that other online game for the past four years.
The Sims Online12 May 01 Official Screenshots
Four screenshots have been released on the Official Site.
The Sims Online10 May 01 Official Site Launched
The TSO Official Site has been launched, you can find it at http://thesimsonline.ea.com/.
Welcome to the Web site for The Sims Online, Will Wright’s massively multiplayer online version of The Sims that’s coming in 2002. We’ll be updating this site with all the newest info, links to press articles, budding fan sites, and quite possibly a few surprises, so check back soon.
The Sims Online14 Sep 2k RE: Will Wright
Feed has posted an interview. Is this the first ever mention of TSO?
Well, the main project right now is a version of The Sims that’s online. It’s going to come out some time next year. It’s going to be kind of a massive persistent world, you know, fifty to one hundred thousand people in a city – kind of like Sim City from the top down except there’ll be houses, real houses made by real people who are logged into the game.
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