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SimsVilleAbout SimsVille
Take your Sims outside their house and create a hometown for them that is as calm, comical or corrupt as they are. Spy on your Sims and follow them through their daily routine as they work, shop, play and make friends and enemies. Respond to their individual needs and personalities by constructing businesses, providing city services and hosting town events. Will your town be home to glamorous boutiques, fancy restaurants and happening nightclubs or will you create a town of criminals, biker bars and liquor stores? In SimsVille, the choice is yours.
  • Create and customize your town by building homes, businesses, roads and civic structures; add details like tress, lampposts and benches.
  • Satisfy your Sims’ interests by purchasing a variety of objects for them from the stores in your town.
  • Observe your Sims as they go about their day and react to their individual needs and requests.
  • Throw town events like block parties and concerts.
  • See both the “good” and “bad” sides of your town in illustrative 3-D graphics.
  • Import your families from The Sims.
SimsVille21 September 01 More on SimsVille
GameSpot has posted a Q&A with Patrick Buechner, director of marketing at Maxis.
Well, the whole reason we came up with the idea for SimsVille was the feedback from The Sims players, who were asking to see the lives of their Sims outside the house. They were sick of being stuck indoors, and while that aspect of The Sims is still fun, players wanted to know what goes on in their Sims’ lives outside the house. The Sims: Hot Date lets players do everything they’ve been asking for, like hang out at the bar, have a picnic downtown, go shopping, and so on. After a while, we found that it was simply more fun than what we had in SimsVille.
SimsVille20 September 01 SimsVille Cancelled!
CG Online reports
Maxis announced today that Simsville has been canceled. The latest in their popular Sim line of games, it was scheduled for release in 2002. It wasn’t up to the standards of Maxis, according to a spokesperson for Maxis, who also stated that despite this, the team did a great job and is being reassigned to other products like The Sims Online and other future projects.

Simsville was to be a game somewhere between The Sims and SimCity, where you place individual homes, businesses, roads and city structures. Simsville was to retain some of the voyeurism of the Sims with more of the planning of SimCity. It was designed to explore outside of the Sims’ houses, but with a product like the upcoming expansion The Sims Hot Date, they’re already offering some of that functionality. Simsville also was to have some more “adult” content in the form of crime, liquor stores, and general seediness.
The official word on the Official Site
Thank you for your interest in SimsVille.

Maxis and the SimsVille team have decided to suspend development of SimsVille. Everyone working on the project will be moving to other projects at Maxis. This includes The Sims Online and some other games in development that have yet to be announced. We’re excited to take what we’ve learned from SimsVille and put it towards the making of great new games for you.

Once again, thanks for your support.
SimsVille17 August 01 GameSpot Preview
GameSpot has posted an extensive preview, along with 15 screenshots showing off facets of gameplay.
SimsVille06 August 01 PC Gameplay SimsVille Interview
SimsVille27 July 01 SimsVille Gallery
EA recently held a press event and released some new screenshots. While we weren’t there, GameSpot was, and we’ve added the screenshots to the Gallery.
SimsVille21 June 01 CGW Cover
The August issue of dead-tree mag Computer Gaming World will feature a Simsville cover and a look at Ville and TSO. It’ll be on newsstands 3rd July, or visit enews.com for a free-trial subscription.
SimsVille14 June 01 GameSpot Video Interview
GameSpot has put up a video interview, which you can get here.
SimsVille30 May 01 E3 Trailer
GameSpot has posted the Simsville trailer shown at E3. You can view it at GameSpot’s SimsVille media page. It’s not much to look at, more an animated screenshot than a trailer.
SimsVille19 May 01 E3 Previews
E3 Previews from GameSpy and GameSpot.
SimsVille10 May 2k GameSpot Interview
A Simsville interview has been posted by GameSpot. The Q&A is with Christine McGavran, executive producer for Simsville.
Of course, in the Maxis tradition, we will continue with the level of comedy and surprise that is characteristic of our products. Don’t be too alarmed if your Sims start talking about little green men in SimsVille.
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