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Private School / Impressing the Headmaster
The main differences between Public and Private schools are -
  • Uniforms.
  • Public school chance cards give cash. Private school chance cards give skill points.
  • Private schools take longer, but motives deplete slower.
To get your kids or teens into Private school, invite the headmaster from a phone.

Do not save your game after your invitation and before the scenerio ends. The game has a bug that can mess up headmaster behavior after a save.

The headmaster arrives at 5:00pm, and you will have six hours to impress him.

The main options are -
  • Food - High cooking dishes are more impressive - be sure to cook before he arrives, in case you burn the food.
  • Tour - Show him rooms with high environment scores, the outside counts as a seperate room.
  • Schmooze - Having a high charisma helps. If you have Nightlife, you may want to invest in a Love Potion #8.5. Using the Aspiration reward glasses can also give you a huge boost on successful interactions (but it's a gamble, as you loose twice as much on failed interactions).
There are two hidden "bonus" options, each giving 10 bonus points. You can trigger these whenever the headmaster isn't on tour or on his way to eat. -
  • Coffee - "Serve Espresso" on an Espresso Machine. The headmaster will automatically take the extra cup, and join you for the coffee.
  • Hottub - Go into a hottub. The headmaster will automatically join you. Be careful with this, once he enters, he will not leave, and you cannot interact with him outside the tub.
A good plan of action is -
  • Tour
  • Coffee
  • Dinner
  • Hottub

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