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Click here to login and check if you have the “Redeem Free Simpoints” button. If you do, it gives you 1,000 SimPoints.

Click on download to “buy” the item, then click on download again to add it to the launcher.

Registration Free Gifts

Into the Future

Cosmic Cosmetics Bundle

Island Paradise

Tropical Waters Hat Pack

University Life

Mascot Attack Pack


Plants vs. Zombies Fan Pack


Seasons Wall Decal Pack


Freestyle DJ Booth


Atomic Age Pets


Late Night

The Red Carpet Collection


The Ultimate Career Bundle

World Adventures

Explorer’s Loot

The Sims 3

Sets (Recommended)

Toyota Prius Family Pack

Happy Valentines Day 2012

Tis The Season For Gift Giving

Happy Halloween: Gory Goodies

Year of the Tiger

Year of the Rabbit
Sets with Individual Downloads (Recommended)

Happy Mardi Gras

Carnival Krewe Outfit

Purple, Green, and Gold Headress

Fat Tuesday Jester Hat

Happy Valentines Day 2014

Sweetheart Buffet Table

Hanging Hearts

Sims Santas

Mrs. Claus’ Hat

Mr. Claus’ Hat

Eye of the Bolder ’10

Bryan The Valentine Bear

Statue of Cupid in Flight

Baylee the Bunny Cupid

Overjoyed with Love

Love to the Fourth Power

Love in Darkness

More Halloween Treats

Dark Midnight Buffet Table

Jack O’ Light

Booooooo Light

Bride of Beehive


Weba Yayfoo!

Olde Simogany Desk

Simetta Stone

Learn your Sim-E-Zees
Individual Items (Recommended)

Renault Twizy

Renault Charging Station

Day Star 3000

The Legendary Wind Raker

Honeycomb Bookshelf

Byron Desk

Cellar Arch

Perfecto Presto!

Modern HDTV by Webbsta Industries

Paris Wall Clock

Generation Clock

Annie’s Well-Organized Shelf

The Desert’s End (surface)

Tomb Sled Sleeper

The Sleeker-Sleeper

Not-A-Street Floor Lamp


Deco Tank



#1 Fanatic

Lucky Duckie

Lucky Duckie Jr.

Lucky Duckie Jr.

Speedy Styles

Captain’s Helmet

Junior Captain’s Helmet

Captain’s Helmet

Rockabilly Coiffure

Just in Jest Hat

New Years Hat for Her

Just in Jest Hat

New Years Hat for Him

Year of the Dragon

Montalcino Fandango SE + Happy Holiday Presents

Fall Fruition

Happy New Year 2012

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Gifts for the Holidays

No Tricks, Just Treats

Harvest Bounty

Halloween Treats

In the Dawn of Sims

The Sims Strike Back

Let there be Sims!
Sets with Individual Downloads

Year of the Horse

Chinese Lantern

Spring Festival Banner

Carnivale Celebration!

Belle of the Parade

Mask of Mystique

Happy New Year ’11

New Years Balloons

New Years Nectar

Kalliopi’s Gifts

Wings of Kalliopi

Cherub Kalliopi

Adrenaline Rush

Goalie Grail Trophy

Big Bully

Earth Day




Happy Holiday Presents

Winter Wall Garland

Holiday Tree

Mochi’s Doggie Present

Showy Snowy Man

Christmas Wall Stockings

Winter Wall Wreath

More Holiday Presents

Menorah Candle Holder

Kinnara Candle Holder

Floating Festival of Lights

Kwanza Art

St. Nick (M)

St. Nick’s Miter (M)
Individual Items

The Sims 4 Poster

Katy Perry Poster

Ever Leaves


K2 Ivy

Flora Fierce

Foliage Folly
USA Promos
If you get a “Page Not Found” after clicking through any of these, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “Select Language”, select “English”, then change your location to “United States”. Faster than getting a Green Card.

JC Penny Teen outfits (various)
World Item

Lunar Lakes Rocks
Retired (Fanta/Lord Sponge)

Renault Cars and Eco Pack

Mega Lord Sponge

Desktop Lord Sponge

Lord Sponge’s Computer

Fanta Fridge

Fanta T-Shirt (F)

Lord Sponge Graphic Tee (F)

Lord Sponge Graphic Tee (M)

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