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Become a renowned collector of precious gems, valuable minerals, moon rocks, and all sorts of bugs. Scavenge the town for collectables!

Collecting is not a skill per se, and does not have the associated 1-10 levels of normal skills.

Gems can be found lying around (through the Collection Helper), by Rummaging in a trash can (only avaliable to some Sims), or by Exploring the Catacombs of the Mausoleum.

To get the rarest two gems, we recommend sending an unemployed Sim with a Moodlet Manager to Explore the Mausoleum (queue Explore, Cure self, Explore, Cure self, etc.). It could take days, but it’s less effort than checking if they’ve spawned.

Collecting Related Lifetime Rewards

As far as I can tell, the Collection Helper does not “identify collectables”.

Collecting Challenges

List of Gem Cuts

New cuts are unlocked by sending gems to be cut.

For example, if your Sim has never sent a gem to be cut, only “Emerald Cut” will be available. If your Sim is a Gem Collector, only “Emerald Cut” and “Heart-Shaped Cut” will be avaliable. After four gems have been sent to be cut, “Oval Cut” will be unlocked, and so on.

Uncut gems look like rocks with the gem stone sticking out. If the gems have been saved to bin (either by being in the house, family inventory or a Sim’s inventory), they become a “chunk” of the gem.

RarityGem CutCostMultiplierAvailability (Cumulative)Availability (From Last New Cut)
CommonBlue TopazEmerald Cut$10×1.2500
CommonSmoky QuartzOval Cut$20×1.544
CommonEmeraldPear Cut$35×1.7584
CommonRubyPlumbbob Cut$50×2168
UncommonYellow SapphireMarquis Cut$75×2.253014
UncommonTanzaniteCrystal Ball Cut$100×2.54515
RareDiamondBrilliant Cut$250×3.56015
RareLuminorious GemHeart-Shaped Cut$1000×5 
SpecialRainbow GemThe Heart-Shaped Cut is only available to a Sim that is a Gem Collector.
SpecialPink Diamond
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