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Handiness Skill

Common household objects are built with so many widgets and whats-its these days that something breaking is inevitable. With hammer in hand, your Sim will hopefully be able to fix any mechanical or electrical situation gone awry, and perhaps make some things just a bit better in the process.

Handiness Related Traits

Handy (Mental)
Handy sims are the best tinkerers. They will never fail when repairing or upgrading a household item, which makes electrical objects far less dangerous!

Handiness Related Careers

Child Skill Gain

Handiness Challenges

List of Handiness Skill Upgrades

There are 17 different unique upgrades.

Some upgrade options are not available for all items of its type – for example, the Torch Moderne, a fireplace, comes with all possible fireplace upgrades and thus cannot be further upgraded.

1Auto WaterSprinkler
1Custom Doorbell SoundFront Door
1Improve SpeakersStereo
1Self-CleaningCleanable Objects
1Silent RunningCheap Dishwasher
2FireproofFireplace, Stove
3Auto LightFireplace
3Boost ChannelsTV
3Faster CookingMicrowave
3Improved CrushingTrash Compactor
3Improve Meal QualityStove
3Perfect TeleportationTeleporter
3UnbreakableBreakable Objects
4Improved GraphicsComputer
4Wire House With SpeakersStereo
5Change Fire ColorFireplace
5Improved MemoryFood Replicator
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