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Will Wright gave techTV these secrets in an interview.

The SimsSecrets
There’s gold in them there paintings!
The artwork in the game is the only thing that appreciates in value. You can make a good living as an art collector, and if your creativity gets high enough you can make your living as an artist selling your paintings.

Haunted handyman?
Many players don’t realize their characters can die. When a character croaks he or she is represented by a gravestone outside the house or an urn inside. The family will grieve for a few days. Every night there is a one in eight chance that, at the stroke of midnight, the ghost of the deceased will come back to haunt the house. When we made the game we didn’t realize that even the repairman can die and return as a ghost. But the interesting thing is he doesn’t haunt like a regular ghost. Instead he comes out at night and mysteriously fixes stuff.

“Hot” tub
When characters get in the hot tub they usually wear swimsuits of some kind. If you make it so that the first person in the tub has a high outgoing personality, he or she will get in the tub naked. Everybody else will strip off and follow them in.

Luck of the bore
The first downloadable thing from the website was a slot machine. The odds of your character winning on it are one to 10. Want to improve those odds? Play when your character’s fun level is at its lowest. The odds are much higher in their favor. If they use it when they are bored they will almost always win.

Sim(ply) good economics
The best way to play the game economically is to start with two games with single adults in each house. Then you get them to either marry or just move in together. That combines their finances and lowers their costs.”

“Having kids is also a great tax break. For each kid in the household you get a 10 percent tax deduction. So if you have four kids you pay 40 percent less tax.

Water all around
Looking for a gruesome way to torture your Sims? Why not try ‘The Pool of Death’? Simply build a pool with a diving board. Don’t give it a ladder. Your characters will inevitably dive in but won’t be able to get out. They’ll eventually drown. It’s a great way to get rid of the neighbors.

Covert smooching
If you are kissing or flirting with someone who is married or in love with someone else, and that person’s lover is in the room you will trigger the lover’s ‘jealousy interaction.’ Do all your kissing when the significant other is out of the room. That way you will avoid getting slapped.

Family feuds
If the relationship between two family members is really low, the ‘attack’ interaction could go off and one of the family members could run away, never to return. It is a great way to jettison unwanted family members. I call it pruning.
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