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The SimsGeneral Tips
Sim Personalities
Choose your personalities to fit the role you want your Sim to play. Neat Sims make very good stay-home cleaners. Outgoing and Nice helps a Sim looking to make family friends. Playful makes the wonderful interaction “Entertain” available more readily. An Active Sim is suited to be on-the-go and doesn’t get uncomfortable easily.

It is recommended to always max-out a Sim’s Outgoing and Nice attributes. Maintenance of Social Motive is extremely difficult without these attributes (and impossible in cases when there are no Outgoing and Nice points allocated). With these maxed-out, it will make it easy to build a relationship to 100 the first time you meet a Sim.

Make sure one of the first things you do upon entering the Lot is to study cooking for at least one point. Cooking on a stove makes much better meals, but is very dangerous without any skill.

When Sims cook meals, more expensive appliances provide greater Hunger satisfaction. Also, the higher your Sim’s Cooking skill, the faster and more satisfying the cooking.

Your Yard
Pink Flamingos are your Sims’ friends. Place these little critters in your yard for 12 Simoleans each. Your reward will be a +2 outside-room score – very cost effective.

Flowers and trees add almost equivalent value to room score, but trees don’t require any maintenance. The gardener can water flowers for you, but you will save a lot of money in the long run if you use trees and not flowers.

To get both a big house and a big yard, build a single-room house as large as possible – then build a second story. Ignore the ground floor but build and furnish the second floor. Now you can remove the ground floor, leaving just stairs up to the second floor. The entire first floor area can now be used to create a large relaxing garden environment!

Need Fulfillment
Just because an object has a Need fulfillment rating of 5 and another has 6, that does not necessarily mean that the difference between the two will be equal to the difference between a 6 and a 7. For example, the difference between the cheap refrigerator (Hunger 6) and the expensive refrigerator (Hunger 8) is +2. But that is only about half as effective as having a food processor. For $220, you can get twice as much out of making a meal, than if you spend $2500 on a new refrigerator! You’ll have to experiment with all of the different objects to find out which ones really are the best. The ratings are a good general guide, but after using all of the objects, it will be easier to make a better choice for your money.

Slow that Sim Down
Need to slow a Sim down? Holding the cursor over any unselected Sim slows them down – she will move at a much slower rate until the cursor is no longer over her.

Don’t Save
In the Sims, the houses are saved games. Whenever you quit or return to the Neighborhood screen, you can save the changes to the house and its inhabitants. If you don’t like the chain of events since you last saved, choose not to save, and then reenter the house from the Neighborhood screen.

Ghosts and Tombstones
If you have tombstones and/or urns, keep them on the ground floor, and keep your Sims’ bedrooms on the second floor. This will keep ghosts from waking up your Sims in the middle of the night, as the ghosts won’t go up the stairs.

Need to get rid of an extra Sim or two? Build a small pool (3x3) with a ladder. Have the extra Sims get into the pool and then remove the ladder. As soon as the Sims run out of energy they will drown. As an added bonus, the resulting tombstones can be sold for $5 each.

Kids Love Fun!
Make sure your Sim Kids are engaging in fun activities. Fun plays a bigger part in their mood. It also drains very quickly.

A full trash can has a negative impact on your room score. It fills up after about five deposits.

Instead of emptying the trash can, simply sell it for 30 Simoleans, and buy a new one at the same price to save time.
The SimsTime Management
Neat Freak?
Sims don’t need to be neat as long as they have a maid, and for $10 an hour, that’s a bargain. When creating a new family, don’t give any points to neatness. Just hire a maid on day one and forget about cleaning up.

Catching the Carpool
Just because your carpool arrives at eight, doesn’t mean you need to catch it at eight. As long as you have started walking to it one minute before it leaves, it will wait for you. Don’t lose that hour by jumping right into the carpool as soon as it arrives. Have your Sims build up their motives so that they can have a successful day at work.

Keep Your House Small
Resist the urge to build your Sims too large of a house. They’ll end up spending too much time walking from object to object. The best tactic for expanding your house is to increase the size of your rooms until the room score is maxed out (including windows, wallpaper, floors and furnishings). This way you’ll have all of the benefits of the large house, but won’t have to spend half an hour walking from the fridge to the table.

No Time to Sleep?
The less time you spend sleeping, the better, so get the expensive bed as soon as possible. Up to an hour a day can be saved by using an expensive bed as opposed to a cheap one.

Repossession has Benefits
If a Sim is using an object as it is being repossessed, they will get the money back for the object as if they sold it. This is a great way to get away without paying bills. Just keep track of the cost of your bills. Then, immediately after a bill explodes, switch to Buy mode and pick up every object. Find the object with the price closest to your bills, but expensive enough to cover the entire cost of the bill. Then, use the object over and over again, as the repo man is repossessing it. The repo man will usually stand still at first and wait for you to finish. Just use the object again and he’ll come grab it.

Comfy Chairs for Chess
Buying comfy chairs for your chess set and dining room, and a nice couch for your TV is important. While playing chess, eating or watching TV, your Sim fills their comfort meter. This increases their efficiency by fulfilling multiple tasks at the same time.

Hot Tub Motives
The hot tub is by far the best value in the game because it contributes to three motives (four, if there are other Sims in the tub). It can be used to replace any fun/bath objects and it’s also a great way to put visiting Sims in a good mood to increase the likelihood of a positive result from an interaction. Even though it is expensive, it is recommended to buy one as soon as possible after starting a game. (Just make sure that you have a phone to call the repairman when it breaks.)
The SimsSaving Simoleans
Off With the Old!
Remove old wallpaper and floor tiles before you resurface a room. That way you will get back some of your original investment.

Walls are for Privacy
A lot of money can be saved by not building walls for your Sims. Walls usually only serve to increase the time it takes to get from object to object. The only reasons to build walls are for privacy (the bathroom) and to keep your Sims from waking up by a disturbance in the same room (a phonecall, someone watching TV).

Unnecessary Loss
Buy both the fire and burglar alarms to prevent unnecessary losses.

To Catch a Burglar
The best place to put a burglar alarm is where visiting Sims enter and exit the Lot. This can also be an easy way to make some extra cash. Placing the burglar alarms indoors can be iffy because once the burglar starts running, the cop can’t catch him. Placing the alarms on a wall segment on the corners of the lot will cause them to go off the second the burglar steps onto the lot. The burglar will get caught every time, and the policewoman will give you $1000 for the catch. (One more thing: Don’t bother to call the police if you don’t have an alarm; they won’t make it before the burglar gets away.)

Playing Catch
If you have two Sims, you can stop a burglar until the cops arrive by getting in their way. Have one of your Sims call the police and the other stand on the tile next to the front door. The burglar will route to the back door (if there is one). Then walk through the house and stand on the tile next to the back door. The burglar will route back to the front door. Repeat until cop shows up. If you only have one door you can still slow down burglars by trying to get in their way, but they will still be able to get through.

Job Hunting
Sims can buy a desk, computer and chair. Use them to get a job (a computer lets you search for three jobs while the newspaper only gives you one choice) and then sell back the items right away. As long as it is on the same day the Sim bought the items, they will get all of the money back.

Moving Up
If you want to start a household with more than one person and want more than just $20k to start out, create each Sim as a separate family, then move one of them into a house and build a nice room. Now move one of the other Sims in next door and give them only a phone. Now have the two Sims develop a relationship and move in together. You can repeat this over and over and end up with a household of eight beginning with $160k.

Slot Machine
The slot machine is a money cheat. If your Fun motive is low, your odds of winning simoleans are very high.
The SimsSocial Animals
Hug Until 100!
Never let Sims choose their own social interactions. They make horrible decisions. The best way to build up a relationship with another Sim is to talk until the relationship is at about 30. Compliment until 60. Hug until 100. If possible, do not fall in love – it can bring down the social motive when jealousy occurs. Just make friends and send them on the way.

Roomy Relationship
Room score can have a big impact on how relationships go. Lights help this a lot. The $350 floor lamp is one of the best, most-cost efficient things you can do for Room score. Also, always make rooms in which you plan to be social or gain skills very large. Rounding of corners with a few diagonal walls will also help.

It’s Difficult Making Friends
It can be difficult to make friends when first starting out because there are not very many Sims in the Neighborhood. When first starting, it’s generally a good idea to move in eight Sims with high Outgoing and Nice points into every lot. You can evict them later when you want to move another family in.

Will You Marry Me?
When trying to get someone to marry you, there is a sure-fire indicator of his or her response. If you kiss the person and receive a passionate kiss, they will say yes. A polite kiss means you will be turned down.

Neighborly Relations
To raise Relationship points with a neighbor that your Sim doesn’t like, prepare a group meal to eat with the neighbor, watch TV, dance at the stereo, play chess, use the hot tub… Click on the neighbor and have them “Join” you. The relationship with the neighbor will go up without any of the negative reactions that occur in regular social interactions.

Sim neighbors are smarter than the Sims you control in the active household. Visitors always choose the best activity available to raise their mood, unlike your current Sims, who choose randomly from among the top four.

Start With Several Sims
It’s more difficult to start with one Sim than several. Even if you do not intend on keeping all of them, start with as many as possible and start them working. You can kill them off later when your career stabilizes and you have the necessary equipment to get motives up quickly and work on skills. It is generally a good idea to keep at least two Sims so that they can keep each other’s Social Motives up. A third member of the family might be good to manage household chores and procure friends so the other Sims can focus skill building and maintaining a positive mood.

Fading Friendships
Remember, the decay rate for all Relationship scores is 2 points per day. If Sims don’t spend regular time with a friend, the relationship will eventually fade below the friendship threshold.
The SimsCareers
In the Army Now
A good career to start out in is the Military career track. It is high-paying, and you won’t need to worry about maintaining friends until your Sim gets to level five.

If you need a quick boost of Room score, light a fire in the fireplace. Any of the fireplaces make a huge difference in Room score when they’re lit. They work especially well when placed outside and lit just before going to work. Since the outside area is counted as one room, the fireplace will raise your Room score for you on your way to work.

Body Points
Body points are the most difficult to obtain, but having an espresso machine (and a toilet) near the workout bench can help your Sim go several hours longer.

Smelly Sims
Sims in the Pro Athlete career track suffer the greatest degradation of Hygiene during the course of the workday.
The SimsEditing
Use HomeCrafter to Save Money
Using HomeCrafter, Wall and Floor tiles can be imported into the game at a cost of $1, allowing the user to place Floor tiles and Wallpaper for a fraction of the normal cost. Remove the user-created Wall and Floor tile files from the GameData\Walls or GameData\Floors folders and the Wallpaper and Floor tiles will reset to other (more expensive) tiles.

Wealthy Neighborhood
Importing and exporting: Once you have a family with a healthy amount of cash, that family can be re-imported into your neighborhood multiple times, effectively seeding the game with wealthy families that can be married for fast cash. Just take the .FAM file for the family in question and put multiple copies (just increment the number in the file name) of the .FAM file in the UserData\Import folder.
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