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There are 101 Achievements, nine of which are hidden. The Hidden Achievements are named in italics on this list, as well as listed seperately on this page.

Space Stage Achievements are listed here.

Achievements with counters, such as Can’t Win For Losing or Zoo Keeper, do not have to be reached within the same saved game.

The Hidden Achievement, Bad Baby!, was discontinued with Spore Patch 2.

Gameplay Achievements
Finish the Cell stage and clamber onto the planet’s surface.
Creature stage unlockedCreature stage unlocked
Play enough of the Cell stage to unlock the Creature stage.
Tribe stage unlockedTribe stage unlocked
Play enough of the Creature stage to unlock the Tribe stage.
Finish Creature stage.
Civilization stage unlockedCivilization stage unlocked
Play enough of the Tribe stage to unlock the Civilization stage.
Complete the Tribal stage and build a city.
Space stage unlockedSpace stage unlocked
Play enough of the Civilization stage to unlock the Space stage.
Conquer all the other cities in the Civilization stage and launch your first space vessel.
Galactic GodGalactic God
Evolve from a cell to a space traveler in one continuous game.
General Achievements
Universe In A BoxUniverse In A Box
Play in every stage and every creator.
Besides all the editors that are accessable from the main menu; there are Colony Land and Colony Air vehicles assessible from the Space Stage Colony menu.
Spend 50 hours in the creators.
Make and publish 100 creatures.
Create and share 50 buildings.
Automotive EngineerAutomotive Engineer
Make and publish 50 vehicles.
Ghetto BlasterGhetto Blaster
Create 10 Anthems.
Deja VuDeja Vu
Discover something you created in another game.
Send a photo or video to a friend from Test Drive mode.
Rising StarRising Star
Have 5 different Sporecasts subscribed to by at least 10 people.
See Making a Sporecast.
Front Page NewsFront Page News
Have one of your creations or Sporecasts featured on www.spore.com.
Social EngineerSocial Engineer
Make 5 Sporecasts of 50 creations or more.
See Making a Sporecast.
Can’t Win For LosingCan’t Win For Losing
Die at least once in every stage of Spore.
Dying in Tribal Stage and Civilization Stage means getting wiped out and having the game reset.
 Pathological Cheater
Use a cheat more than 50 times.
Bad Baby!Bad Baby!
Have one of your assets banned.
This Achievement was discontinued with Spore Patch 2.
Hardcore Achievements
Spore FanSpore Fan
Spend 50 hours in your Spore galaxy.
Spore AddictSpore Addict
Spend 100 hours in your Spore galaxy.
Finish the Cell stage in under 8 minutes.
Cell AddictCell Addict
Finish the Cell stage 25 times.
Aluminum CellAluminum Cell
Complete Cell stage on Hard setting.
Speed DemonSpeed Demon
Finish Creature stage within an hour.
Play the Creature stage 10 times.
Iron CreatureIron Creature
Complete Creature stage on Hard setting.
Ergonomically Terrific!Ergonomically Terrific!
Complete the Tribal stage in less than an hour.
Beat Tribe stage 10 times.
Steel TribeSteel Tribe
Complete Tribe stage on Hard setting.
Rolling ThunderRolling Thunder
Complete the Civilization stage in less than an hour.
Complete the Civilization stage 10 times.
Adamantium CivilizationAdamantium Civilization
Complete Civilization stage on Hard setting.
Cell Stage Achievements
Unlock all the parts in the Cell stage.
Finish the Cell stage without killing another creature.
Creature Stage Achievements
Eat 50 different species across any number of games.
Everyone’s BFFEveryone’s BFF
Finish the Creature stage by befriending at least 20 other species.
Epic KillerEpic Killer
Kill an epic in Creature stage.
Flight of the BumblebeeFlight of the Bumblebee
Fly for over 200 meters without touching the ground.
Extinct at least 20 other species in Creature stage.
Max PowerMax Power
Build a creature with maximum stats in at least 4 abilities in Creature stage.
Meet 200 creatures made by other players.
Finish Creature stage without dying.
Village FolksVillage Folks
Have three posse members from different species.
Evolve a creature with three heads.
General CusterGeneral Custer
Lead 30 posse members to their death.
Finish Creature stage without legs.
Tribal Stage Achievements
Domestic BlissDomestic Bliss
Domesticate and farm three different species.
“Taming Wild Animals” – Use a social stance and click on a wild animal.
Note that any members of your posse from Creature Stage that aren’t from your species are automatically domesticated, so it’ll be easier to get this by following up on Village Folks – get three posse members of different species and not of your own species.
Tribal SocialiteTribal Socialite
Convert all 5 opposing tribes to your belief system.
Kill all members of all 5 opposing tribes and raze their villages.
Watchful ParentWatchful Parent
Complete the Tribal stage without the death of a single tribe member.
Heal one of your tribe members back to full health 5x in a single game.
Civilization Stage Achievements
Finish the Civilization stage with more than 8 economic cities.
Finish the Civilization stage with more than 8 religious cities.
Military StrongmanMilitary Strongman
Finish the Civilization stage with more than 8 military cities.
Spice HoarderSpice Hoarder
Control every resource node on the planet simultaneously.
Finish the Civilization stage by launching ICBMS and destroying all other cities.
Fear of FlyingFear of Flying
Finish the Civilization stage without ever buying an aircraft.
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