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P is for Pause

In all stages, pressing P or ‘ (the unshifted ~, next to the 1 key) will pause the game. While paused, you can still move the camera, which saves you some “game time” while fighting, or to take a look at the Galactic screen while your mission timers count down.

Cheap at Twice the Price

As long as you don’t complete the Terraforming mission from your homeworld, you will be able to buy Atmosphere Generators from the homeworld mission screen at 1,000 Sporebucks. Save that mission for last and don’t complete it.

Planet Limits

Planets have a limit on the number of colonies and buildings they may have based on the T-score.

This is important to remember when purchasing a “home planet” which has more than the usual limit of three colonies. If you purchase the planet from the star system screen, and then enter the planet, the limit kicks in and the colonies are automatically reduced to three. To avoid this, you have to have visited the surface of the planet at least once before you make the purchase.

Since all Grox planets are T0, after using the Fanatical Frenzy superpower, leaving the planet and returning to it, all buildings will disappear, and there will only be one colony left. To avoid this, you have to terraform the planet before you leave.

One Galaxy Under Spode

All your saved games take place within the same galaxy.

This means that you can transfer items between saved games, by leaving them on a planet in one game and picking them up in another.

If you transfer too many items, however, there’s a chance that some of the items may disappear. It’s best to transfer a small number of items each time.

Wonderland Wanderer – Storybook Planets

Almost all Storybook Planets are uninhibited T3 planets. Thus, from the Galaxy screen, they show up with the animal paw icon, with a green orbit.

You can only “find” them by visiting the planet surface.

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