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The Symbol of the Codex


One of the recurring themes (besides thy companions) of Ultimas IV thru VII part I, and even in UO, is that of the Virtues and their interactions across the game.

In Ultima IV, considered by many to be the highlight of the series, thy character, then known as the Stranger, became the Avatar by personifying the eight virtues and retrieving the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom from the Ethereal Void ((The term avatar is a Sanskrit word meaning the incarnation of a divine power)).

The Ankh is used in the series to represent the Avatar, the Virtues, and the virtue of Spirituality.

Also take a look at “Virtue” by Lord British, in UO Books.

The Axiom
The elements of the Principles and the sum of Virtue.
Represented by the Outer Ring of the Symbol of the Codex.

From Infinity are the Principles and the Virtues from, as the Codex itself was from the Ethereal Void.
And it is to Infinity that the Virtues return, as the Codex was eventually returned to the Void.

The Three Principles
The elements of Virtue.
Represented by the Inner Rings of the Symbol of the Codex.

Legend doth tell of a Heroine, who, in her own journey across a mythic land ((using Ruby Slippers in place of Red Moongates)), found three companions – a Scarecrow in search of Truth, a Tin Man in search of Love and a Lion in search of Courage.

LoveEmpath AbbeyCandleBardDexterityHatredAstaroth
TruthThe LycaeumBookMageIntelligenceFalsehoodFaulinei
CourageSerpent’s HoldBellFighterStrengthCowardiceNosfentor

The Eight Virtues
Represented by the Lines of the Symbol of the Codex.

HonestyTAhmOpen HandMageMoonglowDeceitFallax
JusticeLTBehWeight ScalesDruidYewWrongMalum
SacrificeLCCahDrop (Tear/Blood)TinkerMinocCovetousAvidus
SpiritualityLTCOmAnkhRangerSkara BraeStygian AbyssVeramocor
Humility±LumShepherd’s CrookShepherdNew MaginciaHythlothIgnavus
U4+U5 :: The Shrine of Spirituality is reached by entering any Moongate at precisely midnight, or entering the Minoc gate when both moons are full.
U5 :: All eight classes are in U5, but most of them are only accessible if thou dost transfer thy character from U4. Also, the Stygian Abyss is named Doom.
U7I :: The colours of the Virtue Stones will Recall thee to the appropriate shrine, except for White & Black, which will send thee to Britian and Castle British, respectively.
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