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Recall Recall
Holocron –
> I’ve always wondered – was UO designed with recall/gate in
> mind? those two spells just seem to conflict with so many
> aspects of the game (player justice, boats, etc). I think
> the game would have been much different (and better!)
> without them

Recall and gate were spells from the Ultima series. The mudders on the team had originally specced mud-like spells for recall (“take me home”) but it was changed to fit the continuity of Ultima better.

Originally, using a rune *used* the rune. That was a very very different player dynamic. You had to set the rune on the ground, cast the spell on it, and it got left behind. It usually decayed away.

It got changed because people rushed up and snagged the rune before you cast. The result was that it landed back in your backpack instead.

Now everyone had infinite teleports off of one rune, and there was inevitable insta-travel.

A case where making players’ lives more convenient actively hurt the game. The good solution to the problem without breaking the original system would have been to delete the rune after it was used once. But we didn’t think it thorugh enough, we were in a panic. :)

– Raph
[UOR] You will not be able to recall if you are an aggressor to another player or the pet/creature of another player. This will not be the case when attacking monsters.
[22062k] The “no recall for aggressors” system has been fixed so that: [an error occurred while processing this directive]