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Ultima Online: Age of Shadows Classes :: The NecromancerThe Necromancer
With the discovery of Malas, an ancient evil has been revealed, its dark shadow spreading across the land like a plague. The study of Necromancy draws people in with the promise of power and riches, while corrupting their souls in the process. Both mages and warriors will be enticed by this wicked school of spellcraft when they discover they can wield powerful weapons without disrupting their evil spells.

The Necromancer can inflict pain, pestilence, cold and vile curses against their hapless foes, and in the battle’s aftermath animate their lifeless corpses into undead horrors that viciously attack any creature, dead or alive. But the Necromancer does not stop at simply animating corpses, for he can transform his very being into some of these forms, gaining their powers, if also their weaknesses.

Necromancer Spellbook A new spellbook becomes available, filled with sorcery so foreboding that it has been secreted away for generations. Necromancers will be able to use any of 16 evil spells, alone or in conjunction with other powerful magic.

In order to call upon the powers of pure evil, one must advance their skill in the art of Necromancy. Similar to the Magery ability, the more proficient you are in the dark arts, the higher the likelihood of successfully imposing the will of Evil. And those who have learned Spirit Speak will find themselves at a distinct advantage when wielding such powers.

Classes :: The NecromancerSpirit Speak
Those mediums who know the Spirit Speak ability will continue to be our strongest communicators with the dead. In addition to allowing you to channel spiritual energy, those who have achieved “Grand Master” status in the art of speaking with the dead will automatically be heard and hear the cries of the ghosts around them.

Mediums will now be able to heal wounds by channeling “spiritual energy” from the corpse of a foe. However, if there is not a corpse nearby during the channeling ritual, the energy channeled will be the medium’s own, effectively trading mana for hit points – though it will be a much less significant amount of life returned to your body.

A corpse will only contain enough spiritual energy to be channeled one time. Once it has yielded the remaining life contained within, the copse will turn a ghastly color, signifying that it has no more spiritual energy.

Classes :: The NecromancerNecromancer Reagents
Invoking the powers of the damned requires reagents distinct from those used by common mages and alchemists, which the enterprising Necromancer has to acquire before he can practice his dark arts.

Daemon BloodDaemon Blood
Grave DustGrave Dust
Nox CrystalNox Crystal
Pig IronPig Iron
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