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Ultima Online: Age of Shadows Classes :: The NecromancerNecromancer Spells
Necromancers can cast their spells while wielding a weapon.

All Necromantic spells have a mana and reagent cost attached to them, which are automatically consumed upon casting.

Necromancer Spellbook All spells are cast through the Necromancer Spellbook, in the same way as using Magery spells. Necromancer Spellbooks can be purchased in Umbra, and is starting equipment for characters created with the Necromancer template.

Spell (Delay/Mana/Skill) – SS = Spirit Speak, RS = target’s Resisting Spells
Animate DeadAnimate Dead (1/23/40) Uus Corp – The Animate Dead spell allows the Necromancer to animate the corpses of dead creatures, creating mindless, wandering undead that will attack all non-human creatures. The type of undead created from this spell is dependent on both SS and Necromancy, as well as the type of creature and its Fame when it was alive.

Blood OathBlood Oath (1/13/20) In Jux Mani Xen – Temporarily creates a dark pact between the caster and the target. Any damage dealt by the target to the caster is increased, but the target receives the same amount of damage. Duration 8+([SS-RS]80) secs.

Corpse SkinCorpse Skin (2/11/20) In Agle Corp Ylem – Transmogrifies the flesh of the target creature or player into rotted corpse flesh, making them more vulnerable to Fire and Poison damage, but increasing their Resistance to Physical and Cold damage. Duration 40+([SS-RS]25) secs.

Curse WeaponCurse Weapon (1/7/0) An Sanct Gra Char – Temporarily imbues a weapon with a life draining effect, half the damage inflicted by the weapon is addd to the Necromancer’s health. Duration 1+(SS75) secs.

Evil OmenEvil Omen (1/11/20) Pas Tym An Sanct – Curses the target so that the next – and only the next – harmful event that affects them is magnified. Damage to the victim is increased by 25%, poison level will be one higher and Resisting Spells will be dropped to 50.

Horrific BeastHorrific Beast (4/11/40) Rel Xen Vas Bal – Transforms the caster into a horrific demonic beast, which deals more damage, and recovers hit points faster, but can no longer cast any spells except for Necromancer Transformation spells. caster remains in this form until they recast the Horrific Beast spell. Regenerates 1hp/sec, 10% damage added to Melee attacks.

Lich FormLich Form (4/23/70) Rel Xen Corp Ort – Transforms the caster into a lich, increasing their mana regeneration and some Resistances, while lowering their Fire Resistance and slowly sapping their life. The Necromancer remains in this form until they recast the Lich Form spell. Undead slayer weapons deal 25% more damage, loses 25% Fire Resistance, gains 10% each in Poison and Cold Resistances.

Mind RotMind Rot (1/17/30) Wis An Ben – Attempts to place a curse on the target that increases the mana cost of any spells they cast. Duration 20+([SS-RS]50) secs.

Pain SpikePain Spike (1/5/20) In Sar – Temporarily causes intense physical pain to the target, dealing direct damage. After 10 seconds, the spell wears off – if the target is still alive, some of the Hit Points lost through the spell are restored. Damage 30+([SS-RS]100)

Poison StrikePoison Strike (2/17/50) In Vas Nox – Creates a blast of poisonous energy centered on the target. The main target is inflicted with a large amount of Poison damage, and all valid targets in a 2-tile radius around the main target are inflicted with a lesser effect. Next tile from main target receives 50% damage, two tiles receives 33% damage.

StrangleStrangle (2/29/65) In Bal Nox – Temporarily chokes off the air supply of the target with poisonous fumes, dealing Poison damage over time. The amount of damage dealt each time is based off of the caster’s SS and the target’s current Stamina. Duration (SS10) rounds, min. 4 rounds. The first attack comes after five seconds, then four seconds, three, etc.

Summon FamiliarSummon Familiar (4/17/30) Kal Xen Bal – Allows the caster to summon a Familiar from the following list. A Familiar will follow and fight with its owner, in addition to granting unique bonuses to the caster, dependent upon the type of Familiar summoned.

The caster may only have one familiar at a time, and they count towards a player’s Follower limit.

Vampiric EmbraceVampiric Embrace (4/23/99) Rel Xen An Sanct – Transforms the caster into a powerful Vampire, which increases his Stamina and Mana regeneration while lowering his Fire Resistance. Vampires also perform Life Drain when striking their enemies. The Necromancer remains in this form until they recast the Vampiric Embrace spell. Undead slayer weapons deal 25% more damage, Life Drain 20%. The vampire will receive 17–23 damage for each spell he casts that requires garlic.

Vengeful SpiritVengeful Spirit (4/23/99) Kal Xen Bal Beh – Summons a vile Spirit which haunts the target until either the target or the Spirit is dead. Vengeful Spirits have the ability to track down their targets wherever they may travel. A Spirit’s strength is determined by the Necromancy and SS skills of the caster. Duration 10+([SS80]1200) secs.

WitherWither (1/23/60) Kal Vas An Flam – Creates a withering frost around the caster, which deals Cold Damage to all valid targets in a 5-tile radius.

Wraith FormWraith Form (4/17/20) Rel Xen Um – Transforms the caster into an ethereal Wraith, lowering some Elemental Resistances, while increasing their Physical Resistance. Wraith Form also allows the caster to always succeed when using the spell Recall, and causes a Mana Drain effect when hitting enemies. The Necromancer remains in this form until he recasts the Wraith Form spell. Undead slayer weapons deal 25% more damage, loses 25% Fire Resistance, 5% each in Energy, Poison and Cold Resistances, gains 10% Physical Resistance. Can push through creatures without a loss of Stamina.

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