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Ultima Online: Age of Shadows Classes :: The PaladinThe Paladin
The balance between good and evil is a tenuous one. With each battle that takes place in the facets, that balance can shift from one side to the other. Without this balance, there can only be chaos. So where there is evil, there must be good. Where there is dark, there must be light. And on Malas, that light is the Paladin.

As a holy warrior, a Paladin uses divine power to heal wounds, cure poison and disease, lift curses, improve her fighting abilities, and assist fellow adventurers in the fight against darkness and evil. Even in the heat of battle, a Paladin’s ability to invoke these powers can be the deciding factor between life and death. So, whether mage or warrior, those that seek a noble path will be well rewarded by devoting their life to this profession.

Book of Chivalry Through the use of a special silver-inlaid book containing knowledge passed down through the ages, a Paladin will be able to access ten new abilities that will increase her prowess on the battlefield.

To use these special powers effectively, a Paladin must develop her skill in the art of Chivalry, and like any skill in one’s repertoire, Chivalry requires the availability of skill points. Diligence and hard work are the keys to being a successful Paladin – the more proficient one is in Chivalry, the more powers one will be able to tap into and use against the dark powers that threaten the balance of the world.

Classes :: The PaladinTithing
Each ability a Paladin wishes to invoke will require a certain amount of “tithing points”. A Paladin can earn these tithing points by donating gold at a Virtue Shrine, by opening the context sensitive menu interface on the shrine’s Ankh. While she is free to be generous and tithe as much as she likes, there will be a limit as to how many points a Paladin can have at any one time.

Classes :: The PaladinKarma
Karma is an integral part of a Paladin’s way of life, as it affects all of her abilities. As her karma increases, the effectiveness of her abilities will also increase. So, a Paladin who is a Glorious Lord would have a greater advantage over one that was merely Admirable.

Book of Chivalry

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