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Paladin Abilities

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Ultima Online: Age of Shadows Classes :: The PaladinPaladin Special Abilities
Paladins can invoke powers in the heat of battle, even while carrying sword and shield.

Due to the spiritual nature of her abilities, the Paladin requires some amount of mana to activate them. In addition to mana, she is also required to spend a certain amount of tithing points each time a special ability is used. Tithing points and mana are automatically consumed when a Paladin ability is activated.

Book of Chivalry All Paladin abilities are activated through the Book of Chivalry, in the same way as using Magery spells. Books of Chivalry can be purchased from “Keepers of Chivalry” in the Paladin city of Luna, and is starting equipment for characters created with the Paladin template.

Ability (Tithing/Mana/Skill)
Close WoundsClose Wounds (10/10/0) Obsu Vulni – This ability allows a Paladin to heal an amount of damage done to herself or her allies. Heals 4–24.

Cleanse by FireCleanse by Fire (10/10/5) Expor Flamus – With this power, the Paladin raises her gauntleted fist to the sky and summons flames to engulf her body, cleansing herself of all poison and disease. This fire is not without consequence, however, as it does damage to the Paladin, based on a combination of her Karma and Chivalry – the lower the Paladin’s Karma, the greater the fire damage; the higher the Paladin’s Chivalry skill, the lower the amount of fire damage taken. When used on someone else, it will first absorb the poison into the Paladin’s body before cleansing it by fire. Fire damage 13–55.

Remove CurseRemove Curse (10/20/5) Extermo Vomica – Calling upon her divine power, the Paladin is able to clease a person of all curses laid upon them. Curses include Necromancer curses, Clumsy, Weaken, Feeblemind, Paralyze, and the Curse spell used by mages.

Consecrate WeaponConsecrate Weapon (10/10/15) Consecrus Arma – The Paladin can take a weapon and sanctify it for a duration based upon her Karma/Chivalry, imbuing the weapon with holy magic. The consecrated weapon thus specifically targets an enemy’s weakest resistance – if such a weapon attacks a Fire Elemental, whose worst resistance is to cold, each hit with the Consecrated Weapon will deal cold damage to that fire elemental. Duration 3–11 secs.

Sacred JourneySacred Journey (20/20/15) Sanctum Viatas – The Paladin can tap into the magical pathways that riddle the spectral realm. Using these passages, she can travel instantaneously to a Marked location, effecting the Recall spell. However, in order to use this ability the Paladin must not be in combat, as she cannot summon the divine power needed if her purpose is of an unchivalrous cowardly nature.

Divine FuryDivine Fury (10/15/25) Divinum Furis – Invoking this power is normally only done by zealots of the Paladin faith, as it is as dangerous to the Paladin as it is to her enemies. The Paladin will immediately enter a berserk frenzy, with an unquenchable desire to destroy evil, causing her to swing faster, with more accuracy and doing more damage. This blind fury comes at a cost of severely lowering her defenses to attacks against her. Upon casting, the Paladin’s Stamina is also refreshed. In order to commit herself to the proper state of mind for this ability, the Paladin must be at full mana. This effect lasts for a duration based upon her Karma/Chivalry. Duration 7–24 secs.

Dispel EvilDispel Evil (10/15/35) Dispiro Malas – Through an act of pure will, the Paladin can summon the power of good to disrupt all evil in a small area around her. This ability attempts to dispel all summoned creatures of an evil nature, and causes all other evil creatures to flee from combat. The disrupting nature of this holy ability will also drain a transformed Necromancer in Wraith Form of mana and stamina. The Paladin’s Karma/Chivalry and target’s Fame and/or Necromancy affect Dispel chance.

Enemy of OneEnemy of One (10/20/45) Forul Solum – This enchantment allows a Paladin to declare the next creature she strikes as her mortal enemy for a period of time, which gives her the ability to inflict massive melee and ranged damage to all creatures of the same type. However, by using this ability, the Paladin’s defenses against all other creatures will become lessened. Mortal Enemy creature types will highlight Orange to the Paladin. This effect lasts for a duration based upon her Karma/Chivalry. Duration 1–3 mins.

Holy LightHoly Light (10/15/55) Augus Luminos – This is the only direct-damage ability that the Paladin possesses. Calling upon the powers of her faith, she brings forth a magnificent beacon of holy light, damaging all enemies in a small radius around her with divine energy. Energy damage 8–24.

Noble SacrificeNoble Sacrifice (30/20/65) Dium Prostra – As a sign of her utmost devotion to the preservation of life, a Paladin may sacrifice herself for the good of others. The Paladin loses all but the most tenuous hold on her mana, stamina and hit points (down to one each). All of the dead in the affected area are offered resurrection, while all of the living are Cured and Healed. Heals 8–24.

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