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NPC, MoveThe NPC will moves, if there is space for him to. Usually best to spam them until they get the message.
NPC, TimeThe NPC will tell you the time.
NPC, Where am I?The NPC will tells you your current location.
NPC, Where is Player/Building?The NPC will tells you the location of a player or building. Useful in the wilderness, if you happen to come across an NPC, just ask him “Where is the Bank?”, and follow directions.
NPC, Train, TeachThe NPC will reply with a list of skills they can teach you.
NPC, Train, Teach SkillThe NPC will reply if he can train you in that particular skill, and how much it would cost. Give him the gold if you want to train.
Destination[Escort] If the NPC wishes to be escorted, he will announce his destination.
I will take thee[Escort] If the NPC wishes to be escorted, he will announce his destination and follow you.

Provisioners Context Sensitive Menus [301101]
Speech triggers in Ultima Online can be difficult to use in certain situations, such as buying or selling from a vendor standing behind a counter in a crowded shop. With the variety of speech triggers in use, it can also be quite a task just to learn them all!

Context-sensitive menus are new menus players can use to access the various functionalities available on creatures and NPCs, such as accessing the shopkeeper interface, being trained by an NPC, ordering a pet to attack, or opening your bank box from a banker.

The default method of accessing these menus will be a single left-click on the creature or NPC, although players can change it to use shift-left-click instead if they prefer. For the first few days after this system’s activation, a gump will pop up the first time a player logs in, allowing them to choose how they wish to access these menus (left-click vs. shift-left-click). Players will always be able to go back and change this option later.

If you click on an NPC or creature you can interact with, you can select from several relevant options, such as:House Lockdown and Item Placement, House Banning, and Ship Commands are extremely complex systems, and the menus needed to access all the necessary functions would be huge and unwieldy. New systems for these may be addressed in a later publish. [an error occurred while processing this directive]