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Rares :: Hairstyling Hairstylists [160301]
A new type of NPC will become available throughout Britannia, which will offer restyling of hair/beards and dying for hair. Options for dying beards and hair range from both at the same time to separate selections for either hair or beards.

New Hairstyle The choices on this vendor will allow for selections of: The curly hair and “bun” hair styles will not be available from this menu.

These vendors will be in the major towns, within the alchemy shops. They will be distinguishable from regular vendors by their appearance.

The Hair Stylist NPC will recognize gold in the customer’s bankbox as payment if a selection is made, but it will not use gold that is in “check” form. The gold must be in gold form. New Beard Purple Red Orange Yellow Lime Green Light Green Blue-Green Ice White

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