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Adversary of the Vermin Horde
Evil will grow in size and power if left alone,
Evil will shrink and weaken if properly opposed,
Champions of Evil will awaken if their minions are overwhelmed…
[271101] FierYiCe –
The “Evil” spots randomly get chosen each time the server restarts. If you defeat the champion it will also set it up to reset to a new random group within a few hours.

By the way: Some of you have pointed out that it doesn’t seem that the creature groups are balanced. Such as slimes versus pixies as lower level creatures. Well the creature toughness is not balanced because each creature group is specifically designed for certain character classes. One group will give tamers a big challenge, one bards, mages, warriors, etc… Now it isn’t impossible for these classes to defeat the group that is geared against them, but it is definately more difficult. This way each character type has an easy path and a difficult path. This also allows cool diversity without having to really make something that “nerfs” bards and tamers and mages, etc… It’s better to give a strength and weakness to each type instead of just putting in lots of “nerfs.”
Foeof the Abyss
Baneof the Arachnid
Blightof the Cold Blood
Adversaryof the Vermin Horde
Enemyof the Forest Lord

Valor – “The Crown”
The Crown The only location I know of is the area around “The Crown”. Enter Ilshenar through the shrine of Valor and go East ((bottom-right)) out the pass. Follow the mountain South-West ((left)) until you come to the white bridge crossing the river of Pormir Felwis. North-West ((up)) of the bridge is the clearing that looks like a jester’s cap – that’s your destination.

The area itself has several creatures which are not part of the spawn – dragons, drakes, wyverns, mummies and air elementals.

The spawn types changes daily.

Notes from a Bard
The following notes are from the viewpoint of two of my characters, both bard-mages with Master-to-GM skills.

Bane of the Arachnid The Arachnid
Giant Spiders, Scorpions, Dread Spiders, Terathan Drones, Terathan Warriors, Terathan Matriachs, Terathan Avengers and Poison Elementals

The Cold Blood
Lizardmen, Giant Serpents, Ophidian Enforcers, Ophidian Shamen, Ophidian Apprentice Magi, Ophidian Warriors, Ophidian Zealots, Ophidian Justicars, Ophidian Matriachs, Silver Serpents, Ophidian Avengers and Ophidian Knight-Errants.
Along with Arachnid, Cold Blood is the easiest title to gain. They don’t have the irritating little creatures, have good loot and fight the good fight when provoked. Just carry enough Greater Cure potions.

The Abyss
Mongbats, Harpies, Imps, Gargoyles, Stone Gargoyles, ten flavours of Flaming Gargoyles, Daemons and Succubi.
This is the second bitchiest, because flaming gargs, daemons and succubi don’t like to stay provoked. This is probably the best all-round spawn, with good loot, good fame and the occassional garg pickaxe on the stone and flaming gargoyles.

The original spawn had pixies instead of succubi, which was amusing because they would attack the evil creatures, usually getting killed in the process, and you may get a bonus statue from looting them.

The Vermin Horde
Sewer Rats, Slimes, Giant Rats, Ratmen, Dire Wolves, Hell Hounds, Ratman Magi and Ratman Archers.
This one is a total bitch. The small creatures are a waste of regs and mana, the hounds are a bitch to target, there’s no way to tell the ratmen types apart until you’re pincushioned by arrows, and ratman archers kick fucking @$$, particularly when you’re freshly rez’d and trying to get to your corpse. Did I mention the loot sucks? The loot sucks. Very little fame and karma as well. I dropped from Lord to Great before I made Adversary.

The Forest Lord
NPC Healers, Pixies, Unicorns, Ki-rin, Centaurs, Wisps, Ethereal Warriors and Serpentine Dragons.
The good spawn – this is probably the easiest to do, since they will not attack you if your karma is positive.

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