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Reputation Prefix

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AnkhF a m e
10,000+TrustworthyEstimableGreatGloriousGlorious Lord/Lady
5,000HonestCommendableFamedIllustriousIllustrious Lord/Lady
2,500GoodHonorableAdmirableNobleNoble Lord/Lady
1,250KindRespectableProperEminentEminent Lord/Lady
625FairUpstandingReputableDistinguishedDistinguished Lord/Lady
0 NotableProminentRenownedLord/Lady
-625RudeDisreputableNotoriousInfamousDishonored Lord/Lady
-1,250UnsavoryDishonorableIgnobleSinisterSinister Lord/Lady
-2,500ScoundrelMaliciousVileVillainousDark Lord/Lady
-5,000DespicableDastardlyWickedEvilEvil Lord/Lady
-10,000-OutcastWretchedNefariousDreadDread Lord/Lady

Karma Locking [030201]
Karma Locking Players will be able to lock their karma. By locking karma, players will be able to control their character’s status titles better. Players who wish to appear as “evil” will be able to kill monsters without gaining both fame and karma. Players will still gain or lose fame, regardless of karma lock status. The important thing to remember about karma locking is that you can only prevent yourself from gaining karma, not losing it.

The karma lock will function in the following manner: For those who don’t know, these “words of power” are the traditional Ultima mantras, introduced with the Virtues in Ultima IV. “Bal”, the mantra for Chaos, is entirely new.

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