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June 2k

Top of Page Colored Ore Spawn Locations – 16th June 2k
Skills :: Trade Menu FYI
In addressing the issues connected to resource spawning and shard crashes we were required to clear the information that tracked the location of colored ore veins. This fix is currently active on Lake Superior, Great Lakes, Yamato, and Izumo. In order to ensure the resource issue does not crash other shards, we will be implementing this fix on all other shards following their next scheduled maintenance. Colored ore will still spawn on the shards, however, the locations for the colors will no longer be the same.

Top of Page UO Europe – 18th June 2k
General Enchantress Emily UO Blues Go take a look at uo-europe.com. They have some rather nifty themes and wallpapers, among other stuff.

Top of Page Yet Still More Fixes – 22nd June 2k
General Latest Game Update :: Renaissance Related Changes
  • The special attacks for two-handed mace weapons will be reduced to 50% rather than 100% extra. A crushing blow will still be quite effective however. For example, the warhammer will still be capable of doing significant amounts of damage when a crushing blow is achieved (the max will be approximately 60 points, rather than the reported 70 to 80 points).
  • Trapped chests will no longer give murder counts to the tinker who created the chest.
  • Issues with thieves not turning “gray” in town will be resolved.
  • “Criminally flagged” characters will no longer be able to go through a moonstone gate.
  • Falling through floors in the new house designs will be addressed.
  • Slow moving NPCs and monsters will be addressed.
Recall “No Recall for Aggressors”
The “no recall for aggressors” system has been fixed so that:
  • You will not be able to recall while you are a criminal.
  • You will not be able to recall while you are an aggressor to a player.
  • Being an aggressor to a monster or NPC will not stop you from recalling.
  • Attacking a pet of a murderer or criminal will not stop you from recalling as neither of these actions will make you a criminal.

Top of Page And Yet Still More Fixes – 29nd June 2k
General Latest Game Update :: Various Changes and Fixes
  • When looting a corpse that is stacked on top of one or more corpses, the loot from any “buried” corpses that belong to you will be included.
  • On Trammel, only the person who digs up a treasure chest, or members of her party, will be able to open the chest and remove treasure. Treasure chests recovered from treasure maps on Felucca will continue to be available to all players.
  • Single-clicking a treasure map will now tell you the facet to which the map pertains.
  • The required waiting period between escorting NPCs will be lowered to five minutes.
  • Guildstones will decay in one week if not located within a house.
  • Summoned Elementals and Daemons will now be more in line with normal elementals and daemons.
  • The frequency of wheat spawn on the Trammel facet will be lowered.
Skills :: Combat Skills
  • The protection spell will now provide greater protection at higher magery/evaluate intelligence/inscription skill levels.
  • The success rate for healing will be increased.
  • Finger slips from being hit while healing will have less effect. The damage healed will now be based on your dexterity and healing skill. Previously, this value was based only on dexterity.
Skills :: Trade Menu
  • The mining interface will be updated to help increase server performance.
    • To mine, double-click your mining tool and target the area you wish to mine.
    • To dig for treasure, double-click your mining tool and target a treasure map. You may then target the area in which you wish to dig for treasure.
  • It will now be possible to gain skill by stealing from grey, red, and monster targets.
  • Stealing has been fixed so that stealing specific items is now more difficult than “random” stealing.
  • Stealing items from containers in town will now be allowed.
  • Veterinary skill gain rate will be corrected.
  • An error that lowered the tracking skill level required to effectively track other players and NPC humans will be corrected.
  • Locations at which Nightmares spawn have been changed to fix some of the “spawn blocking” issues.
  • Weapons with the “ghouls touch” ability will now function correctly.
  • Crossbows will no longer incorrectly use arrows on archery buttes, but will use bolts.
  • An issue causing players to become “stuck” when picking up hay in Haven has been fixed.
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