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July 2k

Top of Page And Yet Still Even More Fixes – 10th July 2k
General Latest Game Update :: Changes and Fixes
  • To provide an easy way for players to recognize official OSI volunteers (including counselors and seers) without being required to look at their paperdolls or clothing, volunteer names will now appear in purple above their heads. This change will not affect companion names.
  • Spell damage dealt by wands and staves will be increased.
  • All vendors will no longer spout nonsense if given gold while they are teaching a skill.
  • All vendors will now make change if given an incorrect amount of gold as payment for teaching.
  • Wandering healers will become stronger and more difficult to kill.
  • To transfer a pet securely, you will be required to initiate the pet transfer prior to opening the secure trade window.
  • On Felucca, only the treasure chest owner and her party members may remove items from a treasure chest without being flagged as a criminal.
Homes :: Info, Options & Commands
  • When a keyring is locked down, any keys in the keyring will also be locked down. The individual keys will be counted in the total number of lockdowns available in a house. Once this publish is active, you will need to unlock and re-lockdown the key ring for this to take effect.
  • The color of locked-down dye tubs will no longer be changeable. You will be required to unlock a dye tub to change the dye color.
  • You will no longer be able to place a boat in a dungeon. Additionally, any boats located in dungeons immediately following the publish will be deleted. It is extremely important to remove any boats from dungeons prior to this release. We will provide an additional reminder before publishing this change. (This change is currently active on the Hokuto, Izumo, Yamato, and Wakoku shards.)
Skills :: Combat Skills
  • The mass dispel spell will now have a chance to successfully dispel high level creatures.
  • The mindblast spell will now correctly assess damage based on the target’s stats, and will ignore any melee related bonuses.
  • The reactive armor spell will now work correctly when battling an opponent that is carrying a shield.
  • Poisons will now deal damage in a balanced manner for all levels of poison.
  • The strength of the poison spell will now be based on the caster’s poisoning and magery skills.
Skills :: Trade Menu
  • The inscription skill will now check for a spellbook in the hands of a player attempting to scribe, before looking in their backpack.
  • Failing to scribe a scroll will no longer result in mana loss.
  • Gaining lumberjacking will now be easier to do while lumberjacking, rather than in combat.
  • Gaining mining at higher levels will be easier.
  • Gaining cartography at higher levels will be easier.
  • Tamed spell-casting monsters will no longer heal opposing enemy monsters.

Top of Page Vendors – 14th Jul 2k
Skills :: Trade Menu General Testing :: Vendor Customization
Patched [13102k]

Top of Page I get Banned – 18th July 2k
General FYI :: Information Regarding Banning of Exploiters –
Recently, we completed a search to expose a number of players in the game who have been using an exploit commonly referred to as “duping” on the North America Shards. This exploit allows players to abuse systems in UO to gain an unfair advantage against honest players, greatly hindering UO’s economy. Currently, all accounts flagged by this system have been suspended pending further investigation. Each account will be thoroughly investigated individually before a determination is made whether to ban the account permanently or reinstate it. Every effort is being made (such as checking each account individually) to ensure that we do not erroneously ban accounts, while at the same time removing those accounts that are truly guilty. At this time, emails are being sent out to the holders of the suspended accounts.

We expect to have all investigations completed by the end of this week. The total number of accounts affected by this action is less than 250. We estimate that after the duped items attached to these accounts are removed from the game, over 50% of the gold on these shards will be removed from the economy.

We are committed to removing from the game those who chose to exploit Ultima Online and will continue to do so in the future. We thank all of you for your patience during this matter and assure you that we will conduct these final investigations in a thorough and fair manner for each individual account holder.

I got banned too. OSI won’t tell me why. But anyways I got my account back after a few days.

Top of Page Seeing Purple – 26th July 2k
General FYI
We will be publishing several changes to the shards on Wednesday, July 26th. This publish will be active on all shards following their next scheduled maintenance period, or downtime.

The changes updated in this publish include:

  • Purple names for all OSI volunteers (including counselors and seers). Official OSI volunteers will now appear with purple names, allowing you to recognize them as volunteers without requiring that you look at their paperdolls or clothing. This change will not affect companion names.
  • Item weight limits removed from vendors. We will be updating monitoring systems for vendors and, as part of this change, will be removing the item weight limits from vendors.
The changes will be added to Latest Game Updates once the publish is active on all shards.

Top of Page Stables – 27th Jul 2k
Skills :: Skills Menu General Testing :: Stablemaster Changes
Stablemaster Pet Limits [29112k]
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