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September 2k

Top of Page Communication Crystals Reactivated – 6th Sep 2k
General Latest Game Update :: Communication Crystal changes
Communication crystals have been changed for better functionality. The communication crystals had been broken into two types of crystals, “broadcast” crystals and “receiver” crystals. These crystals can be purchased from a town NPC Jeweler.

Broadcast crystals will have the following properties:

  • They can be linked to a maximum of 10 receiver crystals.
  • The broadcast crystal will use 1 charge per receiver per message.
  • When a player talks, only one broadcast crystal around them will pick up their speech.
  • Broadcast crystals will work in a player’s pack, and if one is in the backpack then it will pick up the speech said by that player first (If the broadcast crystal is turned on). If no active broadcast crystals are turned on within the backpack, then a broadcast crystal on the ground can potentially pick up the speech.
  • To use a broadcast crystal, perform the following procedure:
    • Double-clicking the broadcast crystal and targeting itself will turn the crystal on or off.
    • To link a broadcast crystal to a receiver crystal, double-click the broadcast crystal and target a receiver crystal. This will link the receiver crystal to the broadcast crystal, if the receiver crystal is not already linked.
    • Double-clicking the broadcast crystal then targeting the player’s character should clear the receiver list.

Receiver crystals will work in the following manner:

  • Double-clicking the receiver crystal then targeting itself will turn the crystal on or off.
  • Double-clicking the receiver crystal then targetting the player’s character will remove the broadcast crystal connection to the receiver crystal.

Top of Page Patch & UO Forum – 22nd Sep 2k
General Latest Game Update :: Changes To Dungeons
The methods of spawning within dungeons have been improved to allow for better distribution of creatures within the dungeons and to give the dungeons a more thematic cohesion. The overall number of creatures will not change significantly, however their placement within a given dungeon area may be different from what is currently active. Players may also see some new types of monsters that will help to build upon a theme. These creatures will have similar overall strengths as other creatures in the area, but may have different or unique characteristics.

Top of Page Communication Crystals Reactivated, Celebrate By Joining the UO World Faire – 6th Sep 2k
General Patch September 2k I
FYI :: UO World Faire Schedule Updates –
Did you miss out on a reserved spot at your favorite UO World Faire session? Time for a second chance! We have reorganized room scheduling for eight of the World Faire sessions to provide extra space for attendees. As we’ve changed only the room locations, not the start times, this change will not affect your schedule if you’ve already reserved the sessions. If you’ve already registered and wish to change your schedule to include these sessions, just follow the link you received in your confirmation email to edit your session choices. If you haven’t registered yet, remember that the $125 early registration offer is only available through September 17th.

Don’t forget, with admission to the UO World Faire you’ll receive:

  • Continental breakfast and lunch on Friday and Saturday.
  • A Limited Edition World Faire T-shirt.
  • Your choice of Happy Hour with the UO Team or the UWO: ORIGIN Team.
  • Automatic inclusion in an early UWO: ORIGIN external test.
  • UO Guilds with four or more attendees can earn 90 days of FREE Ultima Online.
  • Admission to your choice of dozens of roundtables, forums, discussions, and presentations.
  • And much more!
The best price is still available for a limited time, so drop by http://www.uo.com/faire to sign up today!

Top of Page Dungeon Khaldun – 8th Sep 2k
General What’s New :: Introducing Dungeon Khaldun –
Deep below the Lost Lands waits the Dungeon Khaldun, a cursed catacomb and deadly home to legions of the most vile and vicious monsters to menace Britannia. Death awaits. Will you approach? Or will you flee in terror?

Dungeon Khaldun is the newest, unique addition to Ultima Online and will be available to all players using Second Age or Renaissance versions of UO without any additional downloads or patching. The dungeon will be appearing on the Felucca facet of all UO shards in the near future, and will be opening on two test shards (Test Center and Test Factions) today. Information on the dungeon addition is available in General Testing.

We hope you’ll take the opportunity to visit one of the Test shards and explore this latest expansion to Britannia!

General Testing :: Dungeon Khaldun
Patched [04102k]

Top of Page New New Spawns – 11th Sep 2k
General General Testing :: Changes To Dungeons
Patched [22092k]

Top of Page Dungeons Dungeons Dungeons – 12th Sep 2k
General The folks over at LumCorp took a walk inside Dungeon Khaldun.
We stole this from Jinx of The Chosen, who stole it from the Ultima list –

Picked this up off of dev board. No more lich lord campers! (Silver serpents being probably the third hardest naturally spawning thing to combat in the open)

Lets see...

Shame has some nice additions, including dull copper ore elementals mixed in with the earthies, sea serpents and krakens in the water, blue robed mages in the towers, elder gazers on levels four and five and acid elementals (light green blood elementals) on the bottom as well. The spawn is huge now as well. Level two used to have that one air on it, now it has about 15 of them.

Wrong has been entirely taken over by brigands. No more large humanoids, just red NPCs...including mages. The bottom level has blue NPCs on it, I assume as prisoners...

Destard has a huge spawn now...drakes everywhere on the first level. The ancient wyrm is stil alone on the third level, but the second level is really cool now. There is a blue mage spawn, as well as two daemons. The coolest addtion though is the shadow wyrm! It’s a shadowy dragon (looks the same style as the revenant does, transparent grey outline). There were two of them flying around...

Despise has all the humaniods that Wrong used to have. The top level is all lizardmen, and the second level has ettins mixed in with a scattering of earth elementals. The bottom level has ettins, trolls, ogres, and ogre lords...which is to say at least half a dozen ogre lords walking around.

Hythloth is a massive gargoyle spawn now. There were litterally 150 of them in the dungeon. Two rooms full on level one, level two has them in numbers as well as two spawns of two daemons. Level three has the balron and a half a dozen daemons, as well as the ubiquitous gargolyes. Level four has gargoyles and an additional balron in the meeting hall room.

Covetous has more headlesses than you can shake a stick at. They are all over levels one and two, in huge numbers I may add. Elder gazers have been addded to level two as well as multiple water elementals. The lich room now has two or three liches in it at a time.

Deceit is not changed very much on the whole. The water elemental was not there on level one anymore, but there were a few mummys wandering around. The lich spawns have been tripled, so now there are three per room. The lich lord rom will be very interesting though...it now has a lich lord, two liches, and two silver serpents! :)

Ice has been changed as well, with a few new creatures added. There is not frost ooze (ice slime) and blue ratmen are wandering around. The orcs have been replaced by ratmen, and the orc fort has yellow ratmen inside, although I have no idea what their special property is. Ice snakes are gone and so are frost spiders. There was still only a single white wyrm but he was in an entirely differnet part of the dungeon. There was also an ice fiend outside of their lair.

Fire has also been revamped. There are now efreet everywhere inside. Liches are in the graveyard with bone magi, and there is a lich lord spawn inside as well on level 2. There is also a single daemon spawn. The rest of the place is still full of hell hounds, but lava snakes and lava serpents have been added.

The Terathan Keep had a lot of ophidians in the balron room, but that was the only change I saw there.

Wind was unchanged as of yet.

Overall, the spawns are huge now. Everything is there in huge numbers, although a lot of that is probably a symptom of it being a test shard. Some things (like the gargoyles, headlesses, and drakes) are in numbers so huge that they are obviously out of whack (I had over two dozen drakes on my screen at one pint near the entrance to level two Destard). Regardless though, the spawn will be larger for one significant reason: THERE IS NO MORE VERMIN. Rats and slimes and all the other useless creatures are all gone! With teh exception of the frost ooze and the little fire snakes, there was nothing but real monsters.

Go and run a ghost around the dungeons of test center and see for yourself...it’s pretty neat. :)

I’d like to point out that Silver Serpents are Faction-aligned.

The True Britannians can camp Lich Lords, while everyone else can camp the True Britannians.

Probably beats waiting for Reds at Buc’s Bank.

Top of Page Houses Fixed – 14th Sep 2k
Homes :: Info, Options & Commands FYI :: Housing Update –
We will be updating all shards with two changes to housing. These changes will be active once the shards return from their next maintenance or down time.
  • Houses which at one point had double (or more) doors cannot currently be re-keyed or transferred properly. This will be resolved.
  • Some houses were registering as having vendors or guildstones that no longer exist. This has been fixed and the houses will be able to be set “public”.
Testing for Next Update :: Various Fixes and Changes
  • Secure containers will be dyeable by using a furniture dye tub.
  • A problem with player vendors and guildstones not removing themselves properly from houses will be corrected.

Top of Page Runebooks [blessed] – 15th Sep 2k
Skills :: Trade Menu MyUO :: Runebooks will remain blessed
Calandryll posted the following on the uo.com message board.

I spoke with Sage about this and we're going to keep runebooks blessed and will also work to make sure the older ones become blessed as well. I'll update all of you on that once we have a system in place.

I also want to say a few things here. First, thank you. Thank you for taking the time to communicate with me in a constructive manner even though we were debating. I know this was a very big issue to many of you and that many of you felt very passionate about it. I was glad to see everyone write compelling arguements and examples of why you felt they should remain blessed. It is exactly that kind of communication and feedback that I am looking for when I read these boards.

Anyway, runebooks will remain “blessed” items. I think the kind of debate we had last night is very healthy and I hope to continue to have that level of discourse with you as we press forward.

Thanks again everyone!

For those who do not know, newly created Rune Books became “blessed” (or rather they became “newbie”) a few months ago (I only knew it was after people started scamming with sales of Rune Books [blessed]).

Top of Page Bitter Ex-Counselors Sue OSI – 20th Sep 2k

I tend to avoid news on the Volunteer/Counselor front – I don’t think it affects the average player and most of it centers around OSI: “We need more Counselors!” and angry players: “The volunteer system sux!”

The only mildly interesting news was sometime last year, what with the “Which Counselor slept with which GM for which castle” bit. That was interesting for about five minutes since mud-slinging by bitter ex-counselors against other bitter ex-counselors has a certain lack of credibility.

As for the possible abuse of Volunteer powers – which are limited to begin with – it’s a little difficult to decide if there was any real abuse or just more bitching. Sifting truth from fiction is OSI’s problem.

With that said :: Lum the Mad :: Bitter ex-counselors sue OSI for their back-pay.

The implications are simple :: Game companies, corporate entities that they are, can no longer get free work.

That makes sense to me. When I page for a GM, I want a GM. I don’t want a counselor because all they are equipped to do is answer questions. If I sit through a two hour GM page it’s because I want something done. The fact the GM’s can’t do anything is besides the point, the point is my problem went straight to the top.

So what if all I wanted was an answer to a question? Does it make sense to page a counselor? Actually, no, it does not. The nature of the game is such that you cannot avoid other people, that’s why these games have “multi-player” tagged to them. Ask around, someone is bound to know. Likely, they’ll know more than the counselors do (personally, about three months ago, I had asked a GM why items in my bankbox had disappeared, only to be told it cannot happen.) Paranoid that some l33t dud3 is going to pull a cow level? Ask as many people as you like and take the most common answer, it’ll still be faster than waiting in the counselor queue.

Ultimately, game companies ought to know TNSTAAFL – If you pay peanuts you get monkeys. Volunteer abuse happens because if the company does not compensate the volunteer for her time, she will attempt to seek compensation through other means. Volunteers are customer service personnel. As with any other job, the company has to ensure that the employee is rewarded enough not to risk their job. Yes, abuse will still happen, but there should be no reason that it happens any more than the percentage of clerks who steal from the 7-11s they work in.

I know I will feel better if OSI paid their customer service staff (okay, I won’t, but that’s because all my hope for OSI disappeared along with the stuff in my bankbox). I certainly will feel better about playing Game X if I knew her producers paid their customer service, even if they have to hire a bunch of kids in China to work around minimum wage laws.

Top of Page Patch & UO Forum – 22nd Sep 2k
General Patch September 2k II
Psych Updates Our UO Forum is up.

Top of Page UO – 25th Sep 2k

Celebrate folks, UO just turned three.

Last year we had Gifts.

If there is anything special this year, we haven’t heard nothing yet.

Here at network.noctalis, however, we celebrate by opening our Diablo II page.

Have fun, yall.

Top of Page Reward Me, Baby – 26th Sep 2k
General Testing for Next Update :: Various Fixes and Changes
Patch, October 2k I – Various fixes and updates for the next publish (patch).
Rares Testing for Next Update :: Ultima Online Rewards Program
Rares :: Veteran Rewards Veteran Rewards
The Ultima Online Rewards program is designed to reward you, our long-term players, for your loyalty to the UO community.

Account Age
The age of an account will be determined in the following manner:
  • Any account created before November 30, 1999 will automatically be credited for all of the time from the date it was created until November 30, 1999. In other words, if you created your account on October 30, 1998, your account would be credited for 13 months of time, regardless of whether your account was inactive during part of that time.
  • Following November 30, 1999, only the months in which you had an active account will contribute to the total count of months qualifying you for rewards.
  • You can check your account age by logging a character into the game. To check your account age:
    • Double-click your profile scroll.
    • Scroll to the bottom of the scroll window.
    • A horizontal bar will be at the bottom of the profile text. Your account age in years and days will be displayed under that line. The account age will display the same value for all characters on the same account.
  • Updates to your account (such as reactivations) are updated every Sunday, but may not be displayed for several days.
There are three categories of player reward levels currently identified as part of the program: players who have been in the game for 12 to 23 months, players who have been in the game for 24 to 35 months, and those who have played for 36 months or more. Each of the three designated categories of long-term players will be offered a different selection of in-game rewards.

All reward options are ‘no loot’ and ‘no steal’, and clothing items will never wear out.

12 – 23 Month Rewards
12 – 23 Month Players may choose two of the following rewards:
  • Black dye tub
  • Bronze cloak
  • Bronze +2 AR robe
  • Copper cloak
  • Copper +2 AR robe
  • Furniture dye tub
  • Choice of one of 14 mini-monster statues:
    • Dragon
    • Skeleton
    • Troll
    • Orc
    • Deamon
    • Ettin
    • Earth Elemental
    • Gargoyle
    • Gorilla
    • Crocodile
    • Lich
    • Lizard Man
    • Ogre
    • Ratman
24 – 35 Month Rewards
24 – 35 Month Players may choose three reward options (two for being a one year player plus one more for being a two year player) from the list of one-year rewards above and the additional two-year rewards listed below:
  • Agapite cloak
  • Agapite +2 AR robe
  • Golden cloak
  • Golden +2 AR robe
  • Bless Deed
  • Any of the 12 – 23 month reward listed above
36+ Month Rewards
36+ Month Players may choose four reward options (two for being a one year player another one for their two year reward, plus one more for the third year) from among the one and two-year reward choices as well as those additional rewards listed below:
  • Ethereal horse
    • Transparent hue.
    • Appears as a statue in your backpack.
      • Double-clicking the statue will cause the statue to disappear and create the horse and your will automatically mount it.
      • Once mounted on the horse, double-clicking yourself will dismount you and automatically transform the horse back into the statue which will reappear in your backpack immediately.
    • Never loses loyalty and can’t be transferred.
    • The horse can never appear without being mounted, therefore it cannot attack or be attacked.
  • Verite cloak
  • Verite +2 AR robe
  • Valorite cloak
  • Valorite +2AR robe
  • Choice of one of three mini-monster statues:
    • Zombie
    • Cow
    • Llama
  • Any of the 12 – 23 or 23 – 35 month rewards listed above.
It is important to note that characters on an account with less than the appropriate amount of time will not be able to use some of these items. For instance, if another player gave you a golden cloak, but your account is 20 months old, you would not be able to wear it until your account reached 24 months. This only applies to clothing items and the ethereal horse. Other items such as dye-tubs and monster statues will be usable by any character.

Players who fit into one or more of these categories will have the option to receive their rewards when they log into the game after attaining a reward level. Rewards are given on a “per account” basis, but may be divided among characters on an account. It is very important to make sure you have the correct character logged on before choosing a reward. Game Masters and other OSI personnel will not be able to transfer rewards from one character to another. For example, a player who has a 24 month old account may choose to accept two rewards with a character on one shard, and may choose the remaining reward with a different character. The option to collect rewards will appear each time you log in to the game until you have chosen the total awards for which you are eligible.

If you make a rewards program selection during a final backup or before a server crash, the system may not have adequate time to save your choice. When the shard returns to service, it may take a few minutes for the server to recognize that you have not gotten your reward. The system will account for this however, and after a few minutes you will be able to select a reward.

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