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October 2k

Top of Page October Fixes – 2nd Oct 2k
General Latest Game Update :: Various Fixes and Updates & Various Fixed and Updates
  • The repeating creature sounds occurring at the Moonglow bank will be fixed.
  • Dungeon lighting levels will be restored to their previous levels (the level they were before the dungeon respawn changes).
  • Certain areas of the map which have an improperly large spawn ratio of creatures will be addressed. This is not the final step in our surface respawn changes.
  • Dragons will be able to dispel Energy Vortex’s and Blade Spirits.
Wasn’t Dungeon Khaldun supposed to be in this update ?

Top of Page Insta-Kill at a Distance. Gee, What a Cool Patch – 4th Oct 2k
General Latest Game Update :: Changes to town guards
Town guards that are generated by UO, and function inside of designated town guard-protected areas, will function differently when responding to a criminal action. The guards will now be able to use a lightning attack. This lightning attack cannot be resisted by a player, nor can it be reflected. The lightning attack will do the same damage as the guard’s halberd attack.
Latest Game Update :: Dungeon Khaldun
The Dungeon Khaldun will be located in the Lost Lands (T2A) on the Felucca facet. The dungeon has two entrances which are both located to the far east of Delucia. The sextant coordinates for the entrances are:
  • 58o 16’S, 5o 7’E
  • 62o 8’S, 3o 47’W
Khaldun is designed to be a dungeon for veteran players and as such, it is meant to be very difficult. Rather than publishing a full document that gives away all of the dungeon’s secrets (thus spoiling its many surprises), this document will give you some basic information on what to look for. A full document will be posted when the dungeon is published to the live shards.

When testing this new dungeon, keep the following things in mind:

  • There are new monsters in this dungeon. Many of them will act differently than existing monsters.
  • The dungeon has some secret passages and rooms. Finding them will not be easy.
  • Some spells and aspects of skills will not work in this dungeon. These include:
    • The Mark spell.
    • The Resurrection spell.
    • The Healing skill when attempting to resurrect (healing and curing will work however).
  • Killing another player will sometimes bring unexpected repercussions upon the murderer.

Top of Page Vendors – 13th Oct 2k
Skills :: Trade Menu Latest Game Update :: Vendor Customization
Double-clicking a vendor you own will now bring up a window offering two options: “Customize” and “See Goods”. Selecting “See Goods” will display the contents of the vendor backpack. Selecting the “Customize” option will open a menu system through which you may customize your vendor. Customization options will include:
  • Clothing Style (for shirts, hats, pants, etc.)
  • Hair Style and Facial Hair (if any)
  • Hand Held Items (such as fishing poles or spellbooks)
  • Clothing Color
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  • Vendor Name
  • Vendor Gender
  • Vendor Greeting (allowing you to personalize the way your vendor speaks to customers)
If you are not the owner of the vendor, double-clicking it will open the vendor’s backpack.

Top of Page October Fixes – 2nd Oct 2k
General Patch October 2k I

Top of Page October – 3rd Oct 2k
Rares Melantus posted on the MyUO Boards, About taking barrels/baskets by filling them
Just to remind everyone about containers that have been stealable by filling them with water (barrels, baskets): These were never meant to be stealable in that manner. We would rather items be attainable via actual game systems, then through game flaws.

Top of Page Insta-Kill at a Distance. Gee, What a Cool Patch – 4th Oct 2k
General Patch October 2k II

Top of Page Secure Account Transfer – 5th Oct 2k
General What’s New :: Origin Account Access Transfer Program –
In the interest of providing our customers with a safe procedural way in which to transfer UO account access from one individual to another, we have created the Origin Account Access Transfer Program. In the past, OSI has had no record or proof of access transfers to refer to in cases of disputed access over previously used accounts. The Account Access Transfer Program allows you to carry out this transfer process officially through the OSI Billing Department, ensuring that in case of any dispute we can verify the correct individual with access to a specific UO account. By simply arranging for signatures from both parties involved, completing a confirmation phone call with an OSI representative, and arranging a transfer fee, your access transfer will be secure and final.

Additional details on the Account Access Transfer Program, and the appropriate form, can be found here.

Ignore the part about the $25 charge, this is necessary to prevent abuse of the following.

If you use the Account Access Transfer, any and all comments and infractions on the account will no longer affect the new owner of the account.

Pretty cool.

Top of Page It Gets Wierder – 10th Oct 2k
General What’s New :: Design a UO World Faire T-shirt with UO Custom Shoppes –
Design your own unique UO merchandise with the new UO Custom Shoppes! Available through UO.com and Cafepress.com, the UO Custom Shoppes allow you to upload unique designs, choose t-shirts, mugs, and other merchandise, and sell to your friends and fellow players for a profit. Design your own guild t-shirts, customize a personal UO t-shirt, or place your paperdoll on your mousepad – you can do it all through the Custom Shoppes, and order as many or as few as you like. You can also choose to display your UO Shoppe to the world, or keep it private – the choice is up to you. And best of all, it’s free!

Planning to attend the UO World Faire this November? You can use your UO Custom Shoppe to submit a design for a UO World Faire t-shirt, and we’ll be choosing one unique t-shirt submission as the official Player-Designed UO World Faire t-shirt. The chosen t-shirt design will be printed and sold by CafePress.com as the “Official Player-Designed T-shirt” at the UO World Faire – and you’ll be able to sell your own copies of the t-shirt online through your own UO Custom Shoppe. And, if your t-shirt is chosen, we’ll pick up the cost of your World Faire registration!

Stop by the UO Custom Shoppes today and join in the fun!

Top of Page No Rewards – 11th Oct 2k
Skills :: Trade Menu FYI :: Publish Update, Vendor Customization –
The vendor customization changes listed in Testing for Next Update will be published to all shards on the afternoon of Wednesday, October 11th (CDT). The changes will be active on all shards following their next scheduled maintenance period, or unexpected downtime.
FYI :: Vendor Customization Update –
Certain elements of the vendor customization publish have been temporarily disabled. The ability to change vendor names and greetings has been placed on hold until we are secure in our methods of tracking any misuse of these features. Additionally, the ability to change vendor gender has been disabled.
Rares FYI :: Update: UO Veteran Rewards –
Rares :: Veteran Rewards Over the past several weeks, we have been paying close attention to player feedback regarding the UO Veteran Rewards. While we are pleased that everyone has shown such enthusiasm over the rewards program, we have also noted many concerns regarding the uniqueness of the rewards for each level of game time. In light of these concerns, we have decided to return the Veteran Rewards program to development status while we determine, and add, additional rewards to the program.

All of the current reward options listed in In Development will remain as options, but we will be added a minimum of one new item to each reward level.

While these new items are being designed and tested, we will be focusing our testing efforts toward bringing the Faction System online.

We apologize for delaying the UO Veteran Rewards program at this late date. However, as the program was designed specifically to reward our long-term players, we feel that it would be unacceptable to offer rewards that aren’t pleasing to our players. We will update you with additional information regarding the UO Veteran Rewards program in the future.

Top of Page Siege Perilous Changes – 12th Oct 2k
General In Concept :: Siege Perilous Changes
Gameplay aspects of Siege Perilous will be revised or updated to provide help make Siege a bit more accessible.
  • The Rate over Time (RoT) system will be removed from the shard entirely. Skill gains will function as on regular shards.
  • The maintenance costs for player vendors will no longer be three times that of a regular shard.
  • Shopkeepers will no longer charge three times the regular shard price for reagents.
  • Upon release of the faction system, guards will cease to exist in non-faction towns.
  • The hero/evil system will be removed. Characters currently active in this system will be cleared of hero/evil status.
We are interested in hearing your opinions and feedback regarding these changes to the Siege Perilous shard. Please send us your comments via email to inconcept@uo.com.

Top of Page Polling – 12th Oct 2k

We start Polling.

Top of Page Vendors – 13th Oct 2k
Skills :: Trade Menu Patch October 2k III

Top of Page Daemon Armour Spotted – 15th Oct 2k

Daemon Armour has been seen dropped by Efreets in T2A, near the Fire Dungeon.

It looks like Bone Armour, except that it is dyed red.

If anyone has any pics or, better yet, a myUO URL, let us know.

Top of Page Client Patch 2.0.2a – 16th Oct 2k
General FYI :: Client Patch 2.0.2a –
We are currently releasing client patch 2.0.2a. This client will include:
  • Default desktop support – The client will automatically open up commonly used windows (such as paper doll, radar, backpacks) for new characters in the event there is no default desktop file configured. This will generally affect only new accounts.
  • Repositioning off-screen windows – In the event that an in-game window (such as your backpack) is open, but offscreen, attempting to re-open the window will cause it to move onscreen.

Top of Page Daemon Armour or Demon Armor ? – 17th Oct 2k

Markee Dragon kindly emailed us to tell us that Daemon Armor information can be found at his site.

Click here

Top of Page Going to My Sweet Reward – 18th Oct 2k
General Calandryll, the fallen Voice of OSI, posted on the MyUO Boards, Rewards Update
Rares :: Veteran Rewards We’ve identified the new rewards for the veteran rewards program and I wanted to give you all a heads-up. I’ll also comment a bit on some of the rewards that we wanted to do, but decided not to. Note, none of these replace existing rewards in the rewards document currently listed in the In Development section of the site. All of those are still in, the list below is in addition to those. All of these items will be blessed which means they cannot be looted or stolen.

One Year Rewards
  • Special Dye-bottle
    • This dye-bottle has colors that players currently do not have access to and can be used on clothing just like a dye-tub. The exact shades/colors will be available to see once this is put on test center. This bottle has unlimited uses.
Two Year Rewards
  • Banners
    • These banners are hueable (to match personal or guild colors) and can be placed and locked down in houses.
  • Flaming skull
    • This is a house decoration. It is a stone head that that belches flame. The flame is purely aesthetic and does not damage players or NPCs.
Three Year Rewards
  • Ethereal Ostard and Ethereal Llama
    • Basically the same an ethereal horse. We are currently working to resolve the issue with these mounts not being able to be ridden in Britannia. More on that later.
Two or Three Year Rewards (undecided at this time)
  • Leather Dye-bottle
    • This dye-bottle can dye leather or studded leather in similar colors that are currently used for armor (copper, agapite, valorite, etc.) This bottle has unlimited uses.
While I know some asked for a white dye-tub, to be perfectly honest, we were not satisfied with the way white appears on many articles of clothing. Therefore, for now, we have decided not to include this item as a reward. Also, we could not use the regular dye-tub colors for leather as many of those colors “bleed” when applied to certain pieces of armor such as the arms and leather helm. Sage and I looked at the leather and studded leather armor when dyed the armor colors and they look really sharp! :)

I want to thank everyone for their feedback following the postponing of the rewards program. I’ll update you again once these items are available for testing and updated to the official document.

Screenshot: http://update.uo.com/images/rewards1.jpg.

Sweet stuff. Now all we need is for them to actually patch it in.

Top of Page GameSpot : The 15 Most Influential Games of All Time – 22th Oct 2k
General GameSpot’s Feature, The 15 Most Influential Games of All Time, names Ultima Online as the game that made massively multiplayer the business to be in today. Amusingly, this being a historical document, the screenshots shown are from Alpha.

Also of note is Ultima III: Exodus and Ultima Underworld in The Ten Runners-Up. Including Wing Commander, Origin has more games in there than any other developer. MicroProse has two, for Falcon 3.0 and Civilization; and iD Software has two, for Doom and Quake.

Top of Page Hi, pumpkin. – 31th Oct 2k
General What’s New :: Announcing Shard of Screams –
Origin is darkly pleased to announce the opening of the Shard of Screams, our newest and creepiest shard, on the gruesome evening of October 31st. Housed in a secret, dark and desolate location, the shard is the 23rd Ultima Online shard nether-worldwide.

The name, “Shard of Screams”, is perhaps a reflection of the deathly terrors that await in this twisted Britannia. As per our localized shard policy, the shard will be available only to undead for a short period of time. This will allow the undead to establish a solid foundation and community base on the shard. However, since undead are notoriously bad at forming communities, we’ve concluded it deadliest wise to allow the worldwide community of Ultima Online players to meet their doom enjoy this unique shard.


The Shard of Screams will open this evening, October 31st (CST) for all Ultima Online players. Special tricks and treats abound on the shard, including decorations, magic pumpkins with mysterious properties hidden in and around towns, undead and demonic shopkeepers, and the opportunity to dress as a selection of unique and frightening monsters. We may have a few other unusual prizes hidden up our sleeves, in our cloaks, or behind our masks, so keep your eyes open and watch the shadows behind you!

As a special note, if you take the time to join us on the Shard of Screams, please be aware that passing through the monster gates will dress you up as monsters, but you will not acquire the monster’s special abilities or skills. However, Shard of Screams is set up with the Test Center code to allow you to alter your skills and stats at will. Once changed to a monster, your character paperdoll will appear blank, so be sure to equip any armor or weapons before putting on your “costume”.

Planning magic pumpkin hunting? Some magic pumpkins may be found easily in the open, but others are hidden from sight and may prove much more interesting.

The Shard of Screams will only be available for a couple horror-filled days, after which it will return to service as the Volunteer Shard.

We hope you enjoy this special holiday shard and look forward to scaring, err, seeing you there!

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