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November 2k

Top of Page SP No Rot – 3rd Nov 2k
General Latest Game Update :: Removal of RoT from Siege Perilous
The Rate over Time (RoT) system will be removed from the Siege Perilous shard entirely. Skill gains will function as on regular shards.

Top of Page This, That, and the Other – 29th Nov 2k
General Latest Game Update :: Stablemaster Changes
Stablemaster Pet Limits
The number of pets a character can place on a stablemaster will be based upon an average of three skills: Animal Lore, Animal Taming and Veterinary.
  • If the total of these three skills is between 160 and 199.9, then 3 pets may be stabled.
  • If the skill total is between 200 and 239.9, then 4 pets may be stabled.
  • If the total of these three skills is at or above 240, then 5 pets may be stabled.
  • [Added today] Pets cannot be stabled with items in their backpacks.
Note that the total amount of pets that may be stabled is effective for the entire shard. Thus for example, if you choose to stable 5 pets in Britain, you may not stable pets anywhere else on that shard with that character.

Top of Page SP & Factions – 3rd Nov 2k
General Patch November 2K I
Characters FYI :: Siege Perilous Downtime and Faction System –
We will be bringing the Siege Perilous shard down this afternoon (CST) in order to remove the Rate over Time (RoT) skill gain system as currently detailed in Testing for Next Update. Other changes to the Siege Perilous shard (such as those listed in In Concept) will be published at a later date.

In addition, we are currently targeting early next week to publish the Faction System to Siege Perilous. We will then monitor the shard for approximately one week. If all goes well, we will publish the system to the other shards. A detailed announcement will be made to this section of the site once the publish date is confirmed.

In Development :: Faction System Murderer Reprieve
Patched [06122k]

Top of Page More on FYI – 8th Nov 2k
General FYI :: Publish Update, November 9th –
We will be publishing overland spawn changes to the Great Lakes shard on Wednesday, November 8th. These changes will affect the creature spawn outside dungeons and will be active on the shard following its next scheduled maintenance period, or any downtime.

We will monitor the Great Lakes shard for any issues that may arise, and will continue to publish these changes to the remaining shards as soon as possible.

FYI :: Traceroutes and Technical Support –
Ultima Online is an ever-changing game and from time to time you may experience technical difficulties that require helpful intervention. In most cases, these situations will require either contacting Technical Support, or sending us a traceroute of your connection to your regular game server. Sending the correct information through the correct channels greatly improves the speed at which we may address your technical issues.

Technical Support should be contacted when you are experiencing problems specifically with your game software, such as display problems, error messages, or inability to successfully install or run Ultima Online. Ultima Online Technical Support is available from 7:30 AM to 7:30 PM CST daily at (804) 963-8577 (Press option #2 from main menu). You may also email technical support questions using the form located on our contacts page.

Occasionally, you may experience difficulties connecting or maintaining a connection to a server, or experience latency issues that cause your gameplay to be slower than normal. In these cases, we recommend that you review the troubleshooting suggestions at http://support.uo.com/tech_0.html. Should these suggestions fail to resolve your connection difficulties, we recommend sending a traceroute (a log tracing the path of information from your computer to the UO server) to uotrace@uo.com. We have available a small program, called UOTrace, that allows you to easily trace the routes to all of the Ultima Online servers. Once these traceroutes have been forwarded to us, our network team will analyze them for any significant issues that are within our control.

FYI :: Catskills Faction Test –
Backup issues have required that we refrain from using a Sonoma backup for faction testing at this time. We have restored a backup of the Catskills shard to a test shard and will be opening the shard as “Cats Factions” later today. We urge all Catskills players and others to stop by and join this final testing of the Faction System. Your assistance will allow us to speed the testing process and bring the Faction System to launch as quickly as possible.
FYI :: Siege Perilous, Sonoma, and Factions –
We will not be shipping the Faction System to Siege Perilous this week. We have decided to run the system through a couple of production shard backups before releasing this to Siege Perilous or any other shards for additional system and load testing. We will be placing a recent backup of the Sonoma shard to a test server late tonight, to be available for play beginning tomorrow, and we strongly urge everyone from Sonoma and other shards to stop by and join in the final testing of this large and complex system. Your assistance and participation in these final beta tests of the Faction System are critical to its successful launch.

We are currently targeting to publish the Faction System to the Sonoma and Siege Perilous shards early next week. A detailed schedule will be posted as soon as the publish date is confirmed.

FYI :: Siege Perilous East Coast Move –
We are planning to move the Siege Perilous shard to our East Coast server location during the week of November 13-17th. The East Coast location provides greater bandwidth capabilities and we believe it will offer more players access to the Siege Perilous shard.

We will post an exact date for the shard move at least 24 hours in advance.

Ultima Online: Third Dawn – 10th Nov 2k
Ultima Online: Third Dawn Ultima Online: Third Dawn
Ultima Online: Third Dawn brings an entirely new dimension to the vast world of Britannia!

Combining over 700 motion captured animations and nearly 200 different character models, Ultima Online: Third Dawn will bring an entirely new look and feel to the familiar world of Britannia.

  • Explore a vast and dangerous new land,
  • Battle over a dozen new beasts and monsters,
  • Enjoy enhanced and improved music and sound effects,
  • Show off dazzling light displays with a new particle system for spell and magic effects,
  • Travel the entire world of Britannia, enjoying the depth of an enhanced lighting and shading system, and
  • Experience 3D-enhanced characters and monsters throughout all of Britannia.

Ultima Online: Third Dawn will bring the 3D experience to Ultima Online’s Britannia, providing a fresh new look for one of the most popular fantasy gaming worlds of all time.

Are you with us?

According to their FAQ, UO:3D maintains the isometric view we so know and love, not a first-person Everquesty view.
Ultima Online: Third Dawn FAQ
Some monster pics
Computer Games Online Article

Top of Page Still More on FYI – 14th Nov 2k
General FYI :: Faction System Publish Update –
We will be activating the Faction System publish, as listed in Testing for Next Update, on the Sonoma and Siege Perilous shards on Wednesday, November 15th. The publish will be active on the Sonoma shard following it’s regularly scheduled maintenance period. The Siege Perilous shard will be taken down for a special maintenance period following its first completed backup after 9:00 AM CST. Upon return from this maintenance period, the Faction System will be active on this shard as well.

We will continue to monitor the Sonoma and Siege Perilous shards for any issues that may arise, and will continue to publish to all remaining shards as soon as possible. The changes will be added to Latest Game Update once the publish is active on all shards.

FYI :: Publish Update –
We will be publishing the Stablemaster Pet Limits listed in Testing for Next Update to the Sonoma Shard. The publish will be active on the shard following its Wednesday, November 15th maintenance period, barring any unforeseen downtimes. We will continue to monitor the Sonoma shard for any issues that may arise, and will continue to publish to all remaining shards as soon as possible.

Additionally, we will be publishing the overland spawn changes, previously published on Great Lakes only, to all shards this evening. These changes will be available on all shards following their next scheduled maintenance periods.

The changes will be added to Latest Game Update once the publish is active on all shards.

Top of Page [Sonoma] Order/Chaos – 16th Nov 2k
General FYI :: Order/Chaos on Sonoma Shard –
Sonoma players who participate in the Order/Chaos system should be aware that the system is currently active on that shard, on both facets. The system was activated during testing of the Faction system and it was our intention to disable it prior to this most recent publish. However, as it was our original plan to re-enable the Order/Chaos system on the Trammel facet of all shards, we will be leaving the system in place on the Sonoma shard.

Important: If you are active in the Order/Chaos system and do not wish to participate in Order/Chaos wars on Trammel, you should speak with your Guildmaster as he or she may remove your guild from the system.

We are currently targeting the release of the Faction System to all remaining shards following the Thanksgiving holiday (after November 23rd). The Order/Chaos system will be enabled on the Trammel facet on all shards as they are updated with the Faction System publish. We will release a target schedule for the Faction System publish in the future.

Top of Page UO3D – 18th Nov 2k
General Jason Sheffield, the artist who does UO4REAL, has generously allowed us to use some of his amazing artwork to spice up the site.

If you have not yet seen his work, take a click at the link above.

You can only wish UO3D can look this good.

Top of Page UO3D Preview – 20th Nov 2k
General CNet Gamecenter has a UO3D Preview.

Go take a look (You can skip the first page).

Top of Page This, That, and the Other – 29th Nov 2k
General Patch November 2K II
Testing for Next Update :: Item ‘Smashing’ and Monster Movement
Patched [15122k]
In Concept :: Altering Derived Stats
We are considering changing the way in which mana, stamina, and hit points are calculated. Right now, each of these is tied directly to a stat (intelligence, dexterity, and strength) creating a situation where successful characters are required to have 100 strength (in order to have 100 hit points) and either 100 in dexterity or intelligence (depending on whether they are a fighter or a mage). A system that used the three stats together to determine mana, stamina, and hit points, rather than just relying on one stat will create better character diversity. This system will also give newly created characters more of a fighting chance, without taking away the rewards of gaining stats for veteran players.

The new formulas would be as follows:
  • MANA = (INT × 3 + STR) / 4
  • STAMINA = (DEX × 3 + STR) / 4
  • HIT POINTS = (STR + INT + DEX) / 3 + 25
The table below demonstrates how the new formulas would affect characters with various stat combinations.


New formula FAQ:

Why change the system as it is now? It is not broken.
There are two reasons we feel this change is good. Right now the statistics in Ultima Online demand that every character have 100 STR to survive, because strength is equal to Hit Points. Therefore, we penalize players who don’t want all their points in strength and we don’t encourage diversification. Also, new players who are starting out lack the ability to really survive given that all of their stat points must go into strength. Players new to Ultima Online may not be aware of this, and thus have difficulty enjoying, or even surviving in the game. By allowing the new players to have diversified stats, we give them new opportunities for success.

A mage can have 25 strength and still have 100 hit points.
Hit points is a representation of your character’s experience in the world, and how likely you may be to survive an encounter. The visual impact of taking a hit is a clear signal to you that time may be running out in your current battle. In this sense, hit points are really an average of your ability to survive encounters, not how much damage you can take. Also, a mage with 25 strength will only have 81 mana, compared to 100 mana for the mage that has 100 strength.

Doesn’t this make strength useless?
Not at all. Strength is certainly not as important as it once was, but strength still gives damage bonuses, allows you to carry more items, and figures into each of the derived stats. Strength is still very important.

Doesn’t this hurt mace fighters?
In player-vs-player combat, mace fighters often succeed in combat against a mage because they take down the mage’s stamina. This is a good point to consider. If we give mages more stamina, they may be more able to escape situations. We are still looking to see how we can best make this a win-win for everyone.

My mage will have to take 100 strength to have full mana.
Almost all mages are already relegated to this anyway. Right now the majority of mages have 100 strength in order to have 100 hit points. This system now gives you more of a choice.

We understand that this could be a fairly significant change to the way in which you play your characters in Ultima Online. If you would like to post comments regarding this system (or read comments from other players and the UO developers), click here to go to the In Concept message board.

Top of Page December December, Remember December – 30th Nov 2k
General Melantus posted the following to the Ultima Egroup, concerning Christmas Trees and the upcoming Holidays. –
The questions of 1) holiday “happenings” of some type, and 2) holiday trees are both still being discussed here. I went and talked to Sage about it today, in fact. There is an issue with the trees, in that we now have de-foliated lands in Felucca unless set differently in options. A holiday tree’s appearance and re-deed control are both related to the leaves being visible. So this will take a bit of thinking before anything is done.

Needless to say, it is a concern and we are trying see what action we can take before the holidays get here. At this point I do not know what will be done, but we haven’t forgotten these player concerns :)

Online Community Coordinator
Ultima Online

FYI :: Chesapeake Faction System Publish (Nov 27 2000 1:58PM CST) –
We will be activating the Faction System publish and stablemaster changes, as listed in Testing for Next Update, on the Chesapeake shard on Tuesday, November 28th. The publish will be active on the Chesapeake shard following its regularly scheduled maintenance period that morning.

We will monitor the Chesapeake shard for any issues that may arise, and will continue to publish to all remaining shards as soon as possible. The changes will be added to Latest Game Updates once the publish is active on all shards.

FYI :: Chesapeake Factions and Publish Update (Nov 27 2000 6:56PM CST) –
In light of an issue with the faction system publish, we have decided to delay the release of the faction system on the Chesapeake shard. The stablemaster and monster changes listed in Testing for Next Update will be published to the shard and will be active following the Chesapeake shard’s Tuesday, November 28th maintenance period. The factions system, however, will remain inactive on Chesapeake until further notice.

Additionally, we will be publishing the monster and stablemaster changes listed in Testing for Next Update to all shards to be active following their Wednesday, November 29th maintenance period (local server time). As the Siege Perilous and Sonoma shards will be updated with the monster changes to be active following their next maintenance period.

We will release a revised schedule for the activation of the Faction System on Chesapeake as soon as one is determined.

FYI :: In Concept Changes (Nov 29 2000 3:58PM CST) –
In Concept was introduced approximately a year ago as an area where players could offer suggestions and feedback on design ideas during their early stages. The player suggestions generated by this section of the UO.com website have been immensely valuable in shaping these design ideas before they have been implemented in Ultima Online.

In addition to In Concept, the UO.com Message Boards have provided an area for players to discuss and debate design issues, and have taken feedback a step further than In Concept. On the message boards, debate and discourse refine your suggestions and ideas and create something that is less a question/response situation and more of a common goal created by a community.

Because of this, we have closed the In Concept email address and have opened a section of our message boards dedicated to ideas that are currently appearing in In Concept. Each In Concept system will have its own thread where players and developers can share ideas in an open forum for all to see, rather than through e-mail.

To visit In Concept, click here.

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