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November 99

Top of Page Latest Update – 23rd Nov
General × Bankboxes have had their weight limits removed and containers within the bankbox will not have a weight limit either. The bankbox retains the 125 total item limit, including any items in containers within the bank.
× To avoid a bothersome misuse of pets, you will not be able to name any pet “you” or “your bag”.
× Pack horses will now accept food. Dragging food onto a pack horse will cause the horse to eat it.
Homes :: Info, Options & Commands Phase II (Lock Downs & Secures)
× If a house was placed before the house placement changes – a “legacy house”, there will be a message stating, “This house is of Classic Design.” After the changes; “This house is of Modern Design.”
× Boat models now say the type of boat and the name of the boat when single-clicked.
× Issues that did not allow dry-docking a boat even when it is empty will be resolved.
Skills :: Skills Menu Potion Kegs
Rune Books
Skill Management
In an effort to give players more control over their character’s skills we will be implementing a skill management system. To facilitate this management the skill menu will be changed in the following ways:
  • A toggle button will be added at the top of the menu. This toggle button will change the state of the menu so that it will show or hide your character’s unmodified skill numbers. This will allow you to see what your actual skill level is unmodified from stats.
  • A toggle button will be added next to each skill. This toggle button will have three states: “up”, “down”, and “stop”. Skills marked “up” will rise normally and will never go down. Skills marked “down” will be candidates for atrophy. Skills marked “stop” will not go up or down, regardless of how often they are used.
  • A field will be added to the bottom of the skill menu that lists the character’s unmodified skill total. This will allow you to see how close you are to the skill cap (700).
Maker’s Marks
Some of the trade skills will be enhanced to allow for more flexibility and personalization of their wares. These enhancements will affect Blacksmiths, Bowcrafters, Carpenters, Scribes, Tailors and Tinkers.
  • In addition to Blacksmiths and Tailors – Bowcrafters, Carpenters, Tinkers and Scribes will now be able to craft “exceptional” items.
  • Any item that is exceptionally created will be marked as “exceptional” even if the craftsman is not a Grandmaster in the skill.
  • Exceptionally made items that have limited uses (such as sewing kits and smith hammers) will have more uses than non-exceptional items.
  • When a Grandmaster creates an exceptional item, a window will appear asking if they wish to place their mark on the item. Selecting “okay” will place the creator’s name on the item when examined (single-clicked). Selecting “cancel” will not put the maker’s mark on the item.
Latest Game Update :: Veterinary & Healing Changes
Healing and Veterinary Changes
We have made some changes to the Healing and Veterinary skills to improve their performance and make them more consistent.
  • You will no longer be able to use Healing or Veterinary on the following monsters: Air Elementals, Blade Spirits, Daemons, Earth Elementals, Energy Vortexes, Fire Elementals, Gazers, Liches, Skeletons, Spectres, Water Elementals, Wisps and Zombies.
  • Healing and Veterinary will also now distinguish between animals, monsters, and humanoid creatures.
  • The following creatures will be healed using Healing: Cyclopes, Ettins, Harpies, Headlesses, Humans (including Player Characters), Lizardmen, Ogres, Ophidians, Orcs, Ratmen and Trolls.
  • The following animals and monsters will be healed using Veterinary: Alligators, Bears, Birds, Bulls, Cats, Chickens, Corpsers, Cougars, Cows, Dogs, Dolphins, Dragons, Drakes, Eagles, Frogs, Gargoyles, Giant Rats, Giant Scorpions, Giant Snakes, Goats, Gorillas, Great Harts, Grizzly Bears, Hinds, Horses, Lava Lizards, Llamas, Mongbats, Nightmares, Ostards, Pack Horses, Pack Llamas, Pigs, Polar Bears, Rabbits, Rats, Reapers, Sea Serpents, Sheep, Slimes, Snakes, Spiders, Terrathans, Timber Wolves and Walruses.
  • Healing and Veterinary are now difficulty based when attempting to cure poison. The higher the level of poison, the more difficult it will be to cure it.
  • The issue with double finger slips while healing when hit with a magical attack will be resolved. You will now only slip once.
Latest Game Update :: Taste Id.
Taste Id.
The Taste Identification skill is now difficulty based.
  • Potions will be more difficult to taste than food is.
  • Poisoned food and drink will also be more difficult to discern.
  • Tasting poisoned food or drink now has a chance to poison you on failure.
  • Potion Kegs can be Taste Ided.
  • Potions from kegs not Taste Ided will only return the color of the liquid when looked at.
  • The sound effects for tasting are now correct for food and liquids.
  • Currently tasting beverages (wine, ale, water, etc.) is not functional.
× The carpentry skill will no longer use more cloth than is needed. When creating an item with carpentry all of the undyed cloth in your backpack will be stacked. The appropriate amount of cloth is then taken to make the item. If possible, the remaining cloth will be converted into bolts.
× You will be asked to confirm before purchasing from Player-Owned Vendors.
× Eval. Int. will no longer work on vendors.
Characters × When using the “I must consider my sins” command, if the character is due for Stat Loss, the reply will be in red. If the character is not due for Stat Loss, the reply will be in blue.
× If the character is permanently red, you will receive the message, “You are known throughout the land as a murderous brigand.”

Top of Page Known Bugs with the Latest Update – 30th Nov
Homes :: Info, Options & Commands × Items in houses have been decaying. Things known to have decayed are items locked down by co-owners, strongboxes and floating items.
× Personally, I had a floating secure box disappear on me.
× Without knowing what exactly is wrong, best suggestion is to put your valuables in the bank (as always), and in secured containers on the floor of your house.
× Remember, GMs will not create items for you, so don’t get any hopes that O$I will do anything about the stuff that you lose.
× Holders of a master house key are treated as co-owners, even if they are not on the co-owner list. Having a house key in someones backpack can mess up the making and removing of friends and co-owners. If you are having trouble adding or deleting friends and co-owners then try to do so when all involved have removed any house keys from their backpack.
× The “I wish to unsecure this” command no longer works. You have to use the "I wish to release this" command, followed by "I wish to lock this down" to unsecure a secure container.
Skills :: Skills Menu × Inscription no longer has a skill delay. Woohoo!
× If you do not have any gate or recall scrolls in your pack and try to create a runebook, the game will take the spell out of your spellbook instead.
× The check for the spells you can scribe has changed to include all spells in all spellbooks in your backpack. Equiped spellbooks are no longer checked, but at least a partially filled spellbook in your backpack no longer restricts your selection.
× If you are using recall scrolls, you can only recall to the default location of a locked down runebook, as you cannot target any of the locations inside the book. You cannot drop a recall scroll onto the runebook to charge it as it is locked down.
× Locked down runebooks inside a locked down container do not work, you cannot use the recall and gate icons on the pages. Runebooks locked down normally do work, however.
× Anyone can retrieve potions from a potion keg. As this does not check line of sight, anyone can retrieve potions from kegs left along the walls of your house. Keep your kegs in secured containers.
× Player-Owned Vendors have been disappearing or acting strange. If your vendor is acting funny, page a GM and hope for the best.
× Do not leave too much gold on your vendors.
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