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Player Interaction Changes [UOR]
With the expansion of the lands and the distinction between a Consent Only area and an Enhanced PvP area, the way in which players can interact with each other must be changed as well. The information below will detail the differences between interactions in the two areas. Future updates will detail more information about these two areas.
Trammel (Consent Only Area) | Felucca (Enhanced PvP Area)

Land Expansion [UOR]
The world of Britannia will be doubled in size. Each shard will contain a consent only PvP land and an enhanced PvP land. The current base map was used to create the new lands. The lands will be similar in physical structure, however, they will look different. You will easily be able to tell which side you are on simply by looking at the terrain. The links below will give you an idea of what the two sides will look like. The Siege Perilous shard will not have a consent only land. Siege Perilous will only have one land, Felucca. Note that the look of Felucca can be toggled to appear the same as Trammel for those players who chose to do so. The toggle is used through the uo.cfg file in your UO directory.

On Felucca, the NPC shop decorations (which have, over the years, been taken by players) will be replaced. Trammel’s NPC shops will also be decorated. Players will not be able to take these items from either land. [an error occurred while processing this directive]