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Facet Travel (Moongates & Moonstones)

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Facet and Town Moongate Travel
Facet and Town Moongate Travel [030201]
The following changes will be implemented to inter-facet travel, and travel to new Third Dawn areas:

Existing game-created moongates (the moongates encircled by large rocks, near towns) will be altered to allow for more selective destinations, including that of facets. Players who are murderers will not be able to go to Trammel facet using this selection feature. The choices of selections will also include Ilshenar for those players who have the Third Dawn Client. Moonstone functionality will not change. No new kinds of moonstones will be added.

T2A/Britannia Transportation [15122k]
The current travel restrictions that exist between T2A (Second Age lands) and Britannia (Old Lands) will be lifted in the following manner: Moonstones [UOR]
Moonstones are the only items that will allow travel between the Trammel and the Felucca lands. Moonstones will be found on various monsters in both lands and work in the following manner: [an error occurred while processing this directive]