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Felucca (Enhanced PvP Area) [UOR]
The enhanced PvP area will be very similar to the way UO plays currently. The most noticeable difference will be: Looting Rights [02082k]
Lawful Damage is defined as consensual combat from enemy guild members, enemy virtue guild members, and enemy faction members. Lawful damage is also justified damage returned by a player against an unlawful aggressor. For example: if player A attacked player B, and neither were in any guilds parties or factions, then player A would be aggressor. Player B could then return the attack which would be called “lawful damage”. If player A and Player B were in opposing guilds or factions, then player A’s initial attack would be lawful damage.

Opening a corpse by someone without looting rights will trigger a warning message that looting this corpse would be a criminal act. Removing items from this corpse without looting rights will result in the looter becoming criminally flagged. [an error occurred while processing this directive]