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Minax Council of Mages True Britannians The Shadowlords The Faction System [06122k]
Part 1: Faction Introduction [06122k]
The Faction System is a broad game system designed to promote organized player conflict within the society of Britannia. The fundamental goal of the conflict is to provide a foundation for player conflict based upon meaningful and contextual combat and conflict-related interactions. The system is designed to encourage the inclusion of a wide array of player types through the use of game mechanics that appeal to a broad set of play-styles.

The Factions
There are four factions: Each faction will have their own stronghold and ranking system.

All factions are aggressive towards each other.

Strongholds of Factions
Each Faction will have its own stronghold, a place where their Faction stone resides and where the members of that faction are to take a sigil if they obtain one. The stronghold is the base of operations for each Faction. At this time, the Faction strongholds are located at the following locations: Joining a Faction
Players who join factions will be able to participate in the combat, politics, and trade within the Faction system. Players can join Factions by the following methods:

Non-guilded players: Guilded players: Non-Participants
Characters who are not in a faction will not be able to perform beneficial acts (such as healing, curing, etc.) on non-criminal or murderer characters in a faction if the target has received lawful damage from another player. The status of being lawfully damaged by someone (on someone that is attacked) is cleared when they reach full health. For example, if Player A was in the Shadowlord faction and was attacked by player B in the Council of Mages faction, this is considered lawful damage and player A would have the “lawfully damaged by” status. Players outside of a faction will still be able to attack a character in a faction, but can receive a murder count if they do so (unless other systems allow for this attack, such as guild wars).

Quitting a Faction
The act of quitting a faction has several restrictions. The most noteworthy is that the process takes at least seven days to complete. This seven-day restriction is designed to prevent “faction hopping” and help develop some reasonable sense of permanence within the factions. The specific rules for quitting a faction are described below: [an error occurred while processing this directive]