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Part 2: Faction Scoring, Combat and Points [06122k]
Combat Related Interactions
Players in the faction system are able to freely aggress enemy faction members. However, faction mates are treated as “innocents” unless other circumstances override that status. As the faction system is designed to operate in conjunction with the other existing player-interaction rule sets that currently exist in Ultima Online, the Faction system will account for the integration of different player-interaction conditions. The conditions for Faction combat interaction are as follows: The precedence order for lawful aggression is by reputation, then by guild, then by faction. Lawful aggression is any aggression that will not flag the attacker as a criminal. Aggressive party actions are not listed because they themselves never allow free lawful aggression between players.

Faction Scoring and Rank
Faction players are able to gain “kill points” by defeating their faction enemies in battle. In addition, these kill points are used to determine a player’s rank in the faction. The two terms that players need to understand with the Faction point system are “kill points” and “deficit”.

“Kill points” are earned when opposing Faction members successfully kill someone in an opposing Faction. The amount of kill points taken from the victim is 10% of the total kill points on the victim. The examples below illustrate the results from a battle, where the name “Winner” was victorious in the battle and “Victim” was killed by “Winner”.

For example, assume the victim had 100 kill points and the winner of the fight had zero kill points. 10% of this goes to the victor, from the victim. Therefore the victim moves to 90 kill points and the winner of the fight now has 10 kill points. A minimum of 1 kill point is awarded each time a faction player dies, if the victim’s kill point total is 19 or lower.

For non-whole number totals resulting from percentages, the end results are rounded downward if the result is not a whole number.

Example 1: Winner: 85 kill points, Victim: 18 kill points. Result from death of the victim, Winner gets 1 kill point from the victim, moving the winner to 86 kill points. The victim’s kill points reduce to 17.

Example 2: Winner has 50 kill points, victim has 21. Result from the death of the victim, winner gets 10% of the victim’s kill points, rounded down to the nearest whole number. 10% of 21, or 2 kill points. The victim then has 19 kill points, and the winner of the fight has 52 kill points.

When a Faction player reaches zero kill points and is then killed again, they move into a range called “deficit”, where they do not have kill points at that time. Instead they have deficit points.

“Deficit” is the total on a faction player that reflects whether they are below zero kill points or not. The most deficit points any faction member can have are 6. When a Faction member is at 6 deficit points, killing them will not increase their deficit and will result in no kill point gain for the winner. Each time a Faction member dies and they are within deficit, the winner that killed them will get 1 kill point for the kill unless the victim is at 6 deficit.

Example 1: A Faction member with 60 kill points kills another faction member with a deficit of 2. The winner of the battle will get 1 kill point, moving them to 61 kill points. The victim increases their deficit moving to a total 3 deficit.

Example 2: A faction member with a deficit of 3 kills a Faction member with 80 kill points. The victim (with 80 kill points) will lose 10% of their kill points to the winner, or 8 kill points. The winner of the battle moves from a deficit of 3 to having 5 kill points. 3 of the 8 kill points they won were used to get them out of deficit. The remaining 5 kill points the winner earns are added to the kill point total (since this player no longer is within deficit). Now they have zero deficit and 5 kill points. The winner can now be killed 5 times before reaching zero kill points again.

Example 3: A Faction member with 10 kill points kills another faction member with a deficit of 6. No points are exchanged in this example, since the victim is already at 6 deficit (which is the deficit cap). The victim will not gain any more deficit points, and the winner will not gain any kill points. Had the victim been at 5 deficit, the winner would have gained 1 kill point and the victim would have then been moved to 6 deficit.

The following rules also apply to Faction system killing: [Added today] Player’s killpoints will atrophy in the morning time local to the shard. The atrophy amount is listed below.
Atrophy works on a 10 day cycle:

Day 1: Players with 90 killpoints or more lose 1 killpoint
Day 2: Players with 80 killpoints or more lose 1 killpoint
Day 3: Players with 70 killpoints or more lose 1 killpoint
Day 4: Players with 60 killpoints or more lose 1 killpoint
Day 5: Players with 50 killpoints or more lose 1 killpoint
Day 4: Players with 40 killpoints or more lose 1 killpoint
Day 3: Players with 30 killpoints or more lose 1 killpoint
Day 2: Players with 20 killpoints or more lose 1 killpoint
Day 1: Players with 10 killpoints or more lose 1 killpoint

Point transfer: Once a day players can transfer a set amount of kill points. The requirements are that both parties are members of the same faction, and that the one who is giving the points must have at least 10 kill points. Once transferred, player A (giver) loses 5 points and player B (receiver) gets 4 points (1 point is lost in the trade).

Titles: Once per day, all faction player scores are recalculated in order to assign faction rank. Titles vary within each faction as described below.

RankScoreMinaxCouncil of MagesTrue BritanniansShadowlords
1Below 20%DefilerMysticDefenderServant
220% – 39%DefilerMysticDefenderServant
340% – 49%DefilerMysticDefenderServant
450% – 59%ExecutionerDivinerSentinelKeeper of Lies
560% – 69%ExecutionerDivinerSentinelKeeper of Lies
670% – 79%ExecutionerDivinerSentinelKeeper of Lies
780% – 89%WarlordLuminaryCrusaderBringer of Sorrow
890% – 94%WarlordLuminaryCrusaderBringer of Sorrow
995% – 99%Dread KnightArchon of PrincipleKnight of VirtueAgent of Evil
1099.1% – 100%Avenger of MondainInquisitor of the CouncilKnight of the CodexPurveyor of Darkness

Death at the Hands of a Faction Enemy
In order to add more permanence to the results of faction battles, and add meaning to death in combat without inflicting further economic damage upon the deceased, faction players are subject to a temporary skill loss penalty of 33% when slain by a faction opponent. As described in the time-based operations chart, this penalty lasts 20 minutes. This penalty is also applied if a faction character commits “suicide”.

This penalty is not applied when a faction player is killed by a non-faction player, faction mate, or non-enemy faction monster.

Looting Interactions
As a result of the combat-oriented nature of the faction system, many cases will arise in which players have the opportunity to loot the corpses of the fallen. As these rules must also be integrated with the currently existing player interaction rules, the rule set described below defines the complete listing of possible looting interactions.

Looting Rules: Faction-Allied Monsters
In order to provide more interaction with the Faction system and the surrounding environments within Britannia, a variety of monsters in the Felucca lands will gain factional properties. These factional properties will cause the monsters to be non-aggressive towards players of the same faction, and have a faction credit value to players of opposing factions. Faction Friendly Kills
As described in the combat interactions section, friendly faction members are treated as innocent in every way (barring other circumstances). As a result, killing an innocent friendly faction member is treated as a murder under the reputation system. [an error occurred while processing this directive]