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silver coin Part 3: Silver [06122k]
silver coin Faction Credits
Parts of the Faction Credit system are currently unavailable. When this system becomes fully available, players will be notified.

Factions and faction players can receive “currency” in the form of silver (“silver”-looking coins) that are useable for various faction-specific needs and luxuries. Silver can be earned by both players and factions themselves through a variety of means, and may be spent in a variety of different ways (described below). The lists below demonstrate the sources of silver income and targets of possible expenditure.

silver coin Faction Credit Interface
silver coin Silver Gain from Enemy Kills
When a faction member kills someone from an opposing faction, they are eligible for up to 40 killpoints based on the following rules: The silver given list can only contain 5 players. If a player already has 5 players in their silver given list, then no silver will be given.

silver coin Credit Income
Faction Player Income: Player Tithes are 0 – 100% of all faction player silver income. This is set by Faction Commander in increments of 10%, with no more then one change every 24 hours of real time. Points taken from this tithe are placed into a Faction Treasury stored at the factionstone. The currency can thereafter only be distributed by the faction commander to the individual town treasuries under the faction’s control. Once the faction credits are allocated to a particular faction controlled town, the finance minister and Sheriff for that town can use these credits for various expenditures, such as Faction vendors or guards. A successful town capture earns the Faction 10,000 credits.

Players may move and transfer silver in the same way that they manipulate standard coinage. The faction commander may disburse silver to a particular city by using the faction stone, selecting “commander menu”, then selecting “transfer credits”. The commander will be given a listing of cities under the faction’s control, and after selecting a city, may enter an amount of credits to transfer.

silver coin Silver Use
Silver can be used by Faction craftspeople and/or to obtain the following items (crafting the listed items requires the crafting player to have the requisite credits). Faction craftable items can only be crafted in a town being controlled by that faction.

silver coin Faction Craftable Items
[Added today] In order to craft a faction item other then a floor trap, the player doing the crafting must be in a town under the control of that faction. They must also be in the appropriate shop that normally makes or sells those types of items.

Faction Players Factions As described above, players who craft items and are in the faction system may use silver to imbue an item upon creation with “faction” properties.

FactionPrimary ColourSecondary Colour
MinaxBlood RedBlack
Council of MagesBlueBlue-white
True BritanniansPurpleGold

Faction items can be worn only by players in the faction, and only if they have sufficient rank to equip the item (See the chart above in regards to the rank system).

silver coin Faction War Horses
A “Horse breeder” Sells war horses for that particular faction that purchased it. War horses have the following properties: silver coin Faction Scrolls
These are Faction Imbued scrolls of heal, greater heal, harm, fireball, and lightning. These scrolls may be used by a player of at least 90 Inscription skill upon a faction-crafted gnarled staff, in order to charge the staff with a number of charges of that spell. The number of charges is equal to 40 divided by the circle of that spell (rounded down). Example: A lightning scroll would provide the staff with 10 charges of lightning, a fireball scroll would provide 13 charges of fireball, and so forth. Staves cannot be recharged. A new staff must be created in order to accept a new enchantment.

silver coin Faction Floor Traps
Floor traps are created by players in the faction system with the Tinkering skill.

There are 4 types of floor traps available to Factions: Properties: silver coin Faction Trap Removal Tool [160301]
Faction tinkers will be able to create a faction-trap removal tool. This tool will be necessary to remove faction traps set by enemy factions. The tool will function in the following manner: [an error occurred while processing this directive]