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Part 4: Faction Controlled Towns [06122k]
There are 8 cities that can fall under the control of a faction. Each of these cities has a townstone placed within the city limits. These townstones have a variety of uses (described later in this section) for the faction that controls the city. In addition, there are eight town pedestals upon which the “town sigil” (described later, used for capturing a city) for that particular city rests.

The towns that contain the townstones, town pedestals, and the respective town sigil are listed below: Town Conquest
One of the most important sources of context within the faction conflict lies within the ability of factions to conquer cities. There are eight cities that can be conquered and subjected to the control of a faction. The conquest of a city serves as the foundation for many of the other features of the faction system and can be done as described below. If a sigil is corrupted and stolen from the stronghold by an opposing faction they can take it to their base to restart the corruption process. If they fail to deliver it within one hour it will teleport back to the stronghold from which it was stolen. A sigil’s home location is always defined as the last stronghold or town tile it was placed on.

Town Sigil
Each of the eight towns that can be captured by a faction is represented by a “Town Sigil”. The town sigil can be stolen by a faction player using the stealing skill. This sigil can then be returned to the faction’s stronghold in order to be corrupted. After a successful corruption period of 24 hours, the sigil will become “corrupt” by the Faction holding it. The Faction can then return the corrupted sigil to it’s respective town and place it onto the town pedestal. At the point of return, the town falls under the control of the faction which corrupted the sigil. If the corrupted sigil is not returned to the town pedestal within one hour, it will return to the last stronghold tile that it was placed upon.

The town sigil operates under the conditions listed below: Players under the effects of a disguise kit, polymorph spell, or incognito spell cannot steal the Sigil until those effects wear off.

Taking Control of a Town
Once a Faction has successfully placed a corrupted sigil onto the town pedestal, then that Faction will control that town for a specified but variable amount of time (described further below). Faction members can operate within special designations, through an internal election process within their Faction.

Faction Office
Faction players are eligible for public office within their faction. The three eligible offices are: the office of Faction Commander, Town Sheriff, and Town Finance Minister. As implied, a Town Sheriff and Town Finance Minister can exist for each town under a faction’s control. While the office of Faction Commander is attained through an election process (described below), the offices of Town Sheriff and Finance Minister are attained through appointment from the Faction Commander. There is only one Faction Commander per Faction, and only one Town Sheriff and one Finance Minister per Faction occupied town.

Faction Elections [030501]
Factions elections have been re-written to correct several problems. Elections will proceed in the following manner.

Normal Election cycles will be 9 days. They will consist of 3 sub-cycles termed “election pending”, “campaigning”, and “open voting”. Each of these election cycles can last from one to five days. Removed [030501] The information below describes voting for Faction Commander: Faction Commander
Faction Commanders are elected to their position by the members of the Faction itself. Only Faction members with a rank of 6 through 10 may become a Faction Commander.

Faction Commander abilities: Faction Sheriff
Each town under the control of a faction may have one sheriff appointed to it. The conditions of Sheriff appointment and function are: The Sheriff abilities are as follows:

Sheriffs may hire “Faction Guards”. The Sheriff may control the amount of Faction Guards in operation, their cost, the maximum allowed, and how they function. Note that a faction guard does not have the same strengths and abilities as a regular town guard. They are able to be overcome by players, and their strengths will be comparable to some of the monsters that roam the lands. The chart below shows the different types of Faction guards and their cost in credits (also known as “silver”).

CostMinaxCouncil of MagesTrue BritanniansShadowlords
5,000 creditsHenchman
6,000 creditsMercenary
7,000 creditsBerserkerSorcererKnightDeath Knight
8,000 creditsDragoonWizardPaladinNecromancer

A Faction Sheriff may also view the finances in the town treasury. This allows for them to plan for the distribution and expenditure of the credits available. The Faction Sheriff and Faction finance Minister both are able to allocate this town treasury for the various Faction activities.

Faction Finance Minister
Each town under the control of a faction may have one finance minister appointed to it. The Faction finance Minister is appointed by the Faction Commander. The Finance Minister appointment process works as follows: The Finance Minister’s functions and abilities are as follows: [Added today] A faction may only change shop prices once every 12 hours of real time. If a city is taken by a faction, that 12 hour wait will reset itself.

NPC Shopkeepers
The following NPC Shopkeepers are available for purchase for use in the Faction controlled town:

ShopkeeperCostMaximum Available
Reagent Vendor5,000 credits10
Ore Vendor3,000 credits10
Wood Vendor3,000 credits10
Stablemaster5,000 credits1
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