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Lord Blackthorn’s Revenge

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Lord Blackthorn’s Revenge
Lord Blackthorn’s Revenge
The worlds of Ultima Online have been revolutionized with exotic, fantastical creatures from the mind of Todd McFarlane. Enter a world oppressed by evil forces, where diabolical villains have returned and aligned their powers in an attempt to conquer and vanquish the virtuous. Over 30 new monsters and creatures designed by Todd McFarlane add a darker twist to the once familiar land of Ilshenar. A new land area located in the center of Ilshenar is the setting for the beginning of this dark siege. Who will prevail in this legendary battle of good versus evil? What new characters will emerge to protect and defend the heroes of Britannia? What frightening and evil foes await them?
  • February 12th is the US ship date. February 21st is for Japan. The rest of the shipments will hopefully go out by the end of February.
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  • Name a Monster Contest
  • [311001] Press Release
  • [311001] BNN Story :: Motives
  • Designer Diaries
    • [260202] MGON – Uzeraan, the new player greeter, gets interviewed.
    • [260202] GameSpy – Stellerex talking about how it’s really all the little things that make the game, with his example being the screenshots you see during the install process.
    • [200202] MGON – Helios talks about the new player experience, which would be most interesting, if we hadn’t heard it all before. Many times.
    • [160202] GameSpy – Oaks talking about the “value of rideables”. Nothing interesting.
    • [310102] GameSpy – Gromm talks scenarios.
    • [260102] GameSpy – Augur going on about creatures. He spends the first page telling you how imporant creatures are, yaknow, because, like, players beat down on them and all, and follows up with how they actually create the things.
    • [170102] GameSpy – Stellerex talking about how cool it is to be working with Todd McFarlane. Nothing much, really.
    • [150102] MGON – Hanse talks crafting and Bulk Order Deeds.
    • [110102] GameSpy – Evocare, your 1337 Designer, talks about the mythical “New Player Experience” ((ie. Now that you can no longer PK newbies, why are people still quiting?)).
      In order to gain insight into the new player’s challenges, we focused our exit survey research on why players left. Specifically, we focused on those players leaving early within the first month of play. We quickly realized that we were losing most of our new players within the first three play sessions due to a lack of clearly defined goals upon entry.
    • [030102] MGON – Insight into the UO:LBR comic, as well as its heroine, Dawn.
    • [241201] GameSpy – Calandryll discusses the expansion and how it relates to UO’s ongoing fiction.
  • Interviews
    • [040102] GameSpy – Todd McFarlane interview, about toys and UO:BR.
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