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WordWhat it Really Means
3rd Party ProgramA seperate program not developed by O$I that helps in UO. Some of these are Trojans, so be careful.
AbilityYour Strength (Str.), Dexterity (Dex.) and Intelligence (Int.). Also called Stat., for Statistic(s).
Base SkillYour Skill before modification by your Stats. This affects your Professional Title. See Modified Skill.
BladejumpingWaiting for a BS of another player to attack you, that you may PK them without being reported for Murder. A person who does this is a Bladejumper.
“blessed”All “blessed” items cannot be looted or stolen. Should you die a “blessed” item will remain in your backback when you resurrect. Note that placing “blessed” items in a container does not “bless” the container. If the container is stolen or looted, you will lose any “blessed” items within.
BSBlade Spirit; the spell of the 5th Circle.
Corp PorA standard old Sosarian greeting. Vaguely translated as “Hail and well met, fair traveller.”
DPDeadly Poison; usually in reference to a DP'd weapon.
EVEnergy Vortex; the spell of the 8th Circle.
ExploitTaking advantage of a bug in the game to gain an adventage over other players. Getting caught could get your account banned. If you are a victim of someone using an exploit, O$I will not help you.
IRLIn Real Life; What you are doing when you are not on UO.
LamerSomeone totally beyond hope, as distinguished from a mere newbie, who is willing to learn.
LBLord British. IRL, Richard Garriot, Designer of the Ultima Series of games. Patron of the Order Guards. An almost mythical Godlike figure.
MacroingGetting your character to perform an action non-stop, usually while you are away from your computer, in order to raise Skills. Usually done using a 3th party program.
Modified SkillYour Skill after modification by your Stats. This is the rating displayed in your Skills Window. See Modified Skill.
NewbieA player new to UO. Possibly degoratory. See Lamer.
PKPlayer Killer. Not necessarily a Murderer. Some are known to exploit bugs to avoid the Murder count. See Bladejumping.
PvPPlayer vs. Player. Combat between Players, usually without the consent of one party (the one who usually dies).
Professional TitleThe title after your name (ie. Master Assassin), based on your highest Base Skill. This is displayed to other players if you have attained the two highest levels of Fame. See Reputation Title.
Reputation TitleThe title before your name (ie. The Admirable), based on your Fame/Karma. See Professional Title.
TitleSee Professional Title and Reputation Title.
SkillSee Base Skill & Modified Skill.
Virtue Guard/GuildA Guild, or a member of, which has been declared Chaos or Order. Members are entitled to the Chaos/Order Shields.
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