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Crafting System Overhaul [301101]
Several updates and changes will occur that will eventually affect all of Ultima Online’s crafting systems. The goals of these changes include: creating a consistent interface for all crafting skills, allowing the player to understand a greater level of detail about his crafting activities, greater CPU efficiency, and adaptability & expandability as crafting systems are modified at later dates. The following skills will be affected by these changes, followed by the specifics: All crafting skills will be able to be invoked by double-clicking a related tool. All tools must be equipped or in the character’s backpack in order for them to be used. All materials must be in the character’s backpack for them to be used. No materials will need to be targeted; materials will automatically be sought for in the character’s backpack whenever a crafting attempt is made.

[Added 081001] When the materials being used to create an item are within one container, then the resulting item will be created within that same container. Otherwise, when the materials come from different subcontainers, then the resulting item will go directly into the character’s backpack (and not within any subcontainer).

[Added 081001] When tailoring, if a character has more than one color of cloth in her backpack, the player will be prompted to target the cloth to use. Otherwise, the item is made using whatever cloth is available.

[Added 081001] There is a “multi-make” feature in this system, which will allow certain items to be made in large quantities with one success. When successful, all available related materials in the character’s backpack will automatically be used; there will be no option to choose the quantity of items being “multi-made.” Skill gain, where applicable, will be based on the number of items made and not the single “multi-make” success. The items which use the “multi-make” feature are: [Added 081001] Maps will be able to be drawn upon either blank maps or blank scrolls using the cartography skill.

[Added 081001] The copying of in-game books is not included in this crafting system. Players may continue to copy books using the “old” interface. The creating of “clean bandages” is also not included here, and players will be able to continue making them with scissors.

[Added 081001] Some item skill requirements may change slightly. All crafting skill delays will be one second.

[Added 301001] Characters will continue to be able to use Tinkering to create gems-based jewelry however, changes to the crafting system will disallow creation of such items as a “million diamonds necklace,” in two specific ways. This first relates to being able to craft with resources only available in one’s pack in the case of the diamonds, only 4000 diamonds can be put into one’s backpack (leaving the character weighing 414 stone in total). The second involves fixing a bug wherein the new item was incorrectly named after the stack of diamonds, and not after the one diamond that was used in the creation of the piece of jewelry.

All crafting skills will use a universal menu system. This menu system will be similar in both the 2D and 3D version of the UO client. Only one crafting system window can be open at any one time. [Removed 081001] Players are invited to comment on these proposed changes, here.

Dev Postings [Last Updated 060901]
Uncredited postings are by Vex.
[060901] I just wanted to take a moment and post some updates to the crafting system overhaul:
  1. Cooking will be included in the new menu system. The tools will be:
  2. Players will be able to once again turn wheat sheaves into sacks of flour. This will be done through the cooking menu. The player must be near a flour mill.
  3. New Tools: All the new tools added with this update (above cooking tools, fletcher’s tools, mapmaker’s and scribe’s pens) will be available on appropriate NPCs (cooks, mapmakers, scribes, bowyers). The new tools will also appear as “newbiefied” starting equipment for characters who start with these skills. All of these new tools will wear out and break. Exceptionally crafted versions of these tools made by player tinkers will last longer than normal or NPC-bought ones.
  4. Material Handling: If all the materials required to make an item are located in the same subcontainer in the player’s backpack, the resulting item will be placed in that subcontainer.

    For tailoring, tinkering, blacksmithy (and any future craftables where the item created can obtain properties of materials used), there will be a toggle to target materials. For blacksmithy and tinkering, this option will be an additional item on the Metal Selection menu. When the Target Material option is selected, the player receives a targeting cursor and is prompted to target material to be used. The material targeted must be in the player’s backpack.
  5. Jewelry: The bug that allows the creation of items with names like “a 10000 diamonds necklace” is not going to be part of the revamped crafting system. It is important to note that even though the entire description of the stack of gems (including the number) was previously included in the name of the crafted piece of jewelry, only one gem was consumed from the stack when a piece of jewelry was made from it.

    Currently, the plan is to not fix those items and leave the names un-localized. Please note that while this bug is going away, tinkering is gaining the ability to make different colored pieces of jewelry.
  6. Cartographers will be able to use blank scrolls as materials for mapmaking.
  7. The repair feature will not at this time be added to any new craft skills. With this overhaul, craft skills are limited to repairing only item types that they can create. This means that blacksmiths will lose the ability to repair heavy crossbows.

    We will carefully evaluate the repair feature for staves and wooden shields (by carpenters), leather armor (by tailors) and bows (bowyers). The largest concern (but not the sole one) is that the inability to repair items affects the design of the magic weapon loot tables. Magic bows are much more common than other magic weapon types, due to the fact that players can’t repair bows.
  8. New Craftables: New craftables are not at this time being added to the system, with the exception that the new tools mentioned here and elsewhere will be craftable by tinkers. Furthermore, no skill requirements are being changed, nor are any skill gain rates or material requirements.
  9. Multi-Make: It’s important to note that the “multi-make” feature will only work for items that can already be created in bulk. This includes:
  10. The section of the original “In Concept” post that indicated the inclusion of “Make 1”, “Make 10”, “Make 100”, and “Make All” options will be altered. There will be no option to specify any quantities. Instead, for any “multi-make” item, the Information Window will indicate that the item is multi-make, and an attempt to make the item will attempt to make as many as possible using the materials available in the player’s backpack.

    Current skill gain behavior is being maintained with multi-make items. For example, you currently get larger skill gains in bowcraft/fletching when you make larger stacks of bolts and arrows at once. This behavior will remain unchanged.
  11. Static Add-Ons: Static items are those features that are a built-in part of the world, stored in the statics.mul file used by the client and server. Currently, support for static items as crafting add-ons is sporadic; for example, blacksmithy can use static forges and anvils as well as dynamic ones, but cooking only supports the use of dynamic fire sources. With this change, static as well as dynamic add-ons will be supported for all crafts.
Thanks for starting to look at the crafting system. Been waiting a long time for these changes.
Me too. My first UO character was a tailor, and since then I’ve built characters around most of the other craft skills.

any idea on when this will happen? (ya i know “i have no idea blah blah”)
The screen shots were made using working code. This is on the publish schedule. As usual, though, that schedule is sooper sekrit. :)

Is the chance for exceptional items the TOTAL chance, or the chance to make something exceptional IF one makes the item in the first place?

In other words…
Does 50% and 5% mean
50% failures
45% success
5% exceptional


50% failures
47.5% success
2.5% exceptional
(5% chance only for success results)?

The first one. Actually we’ve decided to add a third line to that display:

Failure Chance: 50%
Standard: 45%
Exceptional: 5%

This should make the meaning more clear, since the percentages will add up to 100%. 50% of attempts result in failure, 45% in normal success, and 5% in an exceptional item.

Will the metal working choices default to not having to click the color metal if you only have one color in your pack? Same with tailoring and the cloth in your pack?
So, to give more detail about metal selection: The way it works is, there is a button right above the “Exit” button, and next to that button is the name of the metal you have selected. When you click that button, a new menu page comes up with all metal types listed. You select the one you want and are returned to the main menu.

If you have, say, Verite selected, but only have iron in your backpack, then you’ll get a failure message saying you don’t have enough metal to make the item.

Now, tailoring is a bit different. Here are more details:

First, bolts of cloth will no longer be directly usable to tailor items. Instead, there will be a new menu option that will take all bolts of cloth in your backpack and turn them into yards of cut cloth.

Another menu choice will search your backpack for all cloth, and transform it into the same type. So, suppose you have stacks of cloth using different graphics, after using that option you’ll have a single stack of one type.

Both options will of course differentiate color. So, if some of your bolts or stacks of cloth are blue and some are red, you’ll end up with one single pile of each color.

You will have to cut bolts into cloth before using them to tailor, but you can use cloth of any type in any number of stacks as desired.

As far as color goes, when you attempt to create an item, the system will automatically use the color of cloth that you have the most of. So, if you have 200 yards of blue cloth and 150 of uncolored, the item will be made with the blue cloth. This way, you still don’t have to target the material. Also, it should be easy enough to control the color of the resulting item just by juggling stacks of cloth in and out of your backpack.

Since all targeting is getting rid of I guess we won’t be able to copy books by inscribing anymore.
Targeting is getting rid of where feasible. Book copying will continue to use the old interface, where you invoke Inscription from the Skills Window, target the book to copy, then target the destination book. You’ll also have to target a container for tinker traps.

[010901] Any chance of getting candlabras named properly this time round?
Yes, this and some other typos in item names are on the list to be fixed with this system overhaul. :)

The Future?
I saw the option to “repair” for smithing but didn’t notice the new repair option for bowcraft/fletching (bows, etc.) or the repair option for tailoring (clothes, leather armor). Any plans to implement one?
This is up in the air, and really depends on what the rest of the team thinks. (Thanks, Evocare, for thinking this overhaul was a good idea in the first place!!)

Are there any plans to incorporate secondary skills into the crafting process? Integration of Taste ID for Alchemy, Arms Lore for smithing/tailoring. Lumberjacking possibly for bowcraft/carpentry. (wood comes from somewhere)
I can’t answer this right now. Calandryll has hinted at some special crafting stuff for upcoming scenarios, though. The thought is on our minds. :)

Will any other carpentry or other craftables be added along with these changes if they go through?
That is still up in the air at this point. The overhaul itself means a complete regression test for QA, and right now we might not have any spare bandwidth for any new items. However, this system will make expanding and adding on to the crafting system much easier to code and test in the future.

I see the tinkered golden goblet in the screen shot. This item is currently “rare'. Not much of a question, but since you are destroying this rare, why not make some other rares craftable too?
Actually, that is the goblet you can tinker currently, made out of verite. It looks a bit distorted because it’s at high zoom-in with the Third Dawn client.

This would also be the time to make paper, books, spell books, blank maps, and blank scrolls craftable.
I’m still not sure about how many new items we can get in at this point, but these are good ideas. I am not promising anything, but I will keep this in mind.

And you left out Cooking… If Crafting is going to be overhauled, then this is the time to overhaul cooking as well.
I’m still working out the details of how to do cooking properly, but I do want to get it on the list. Sannio thinks we should introduce “a cookbook” as cooking’s tool, and I wanted to use the frying pan graphic. Of course, we could do both – all crafting skills that use tools now use multiple tools.

Is anything being done to ease the… burden on crafters? I think they should be able do things fairly painlessly and enjoy a proffit. I hunt now instead of crafting, it’s more fun, gets me other loot than just gold, and doesn’t take as long.
Right now, there isn’t much that we can do about the repetitious nature of crafting. I do want to make it more interesting, and require some actual thought. Right now, pounding out plate chests feels like playing a slot machine. There is some appeal to that (C’mon 5% chance of payout! Daddy needs a new pair of shoes!), but the whole deal could definitely be much more fun and interesting.

Keep in mind, though, that part of what makes it possible to be a crafter is the barriers that keep it from being a piece of cake. As crafting gets easier, there will be more competition and therefore slimmer profit margins. For example, suppose you could grind 100 potions straight into a keg all at once? Suddenly, it takes next to no effort to produce entire kegs, kegs are being made in bulk by everyone, and the market is flooded. Those who have the patience to juggle three or four mortar and pestles at once and drag bottles onto kegs are the ones who reap the benefits of being able to run a potion vendor.

In other words, I understand that the barriers in place for crafting suck, and make the process tedious. But those barriers need to be there. The real challenge to the UO Live team is to transform those barriers in a manner that make the game more fun and makes them seem less like ugly obstacles. :)

My only real concerns are will this new menu system aid crafters, or hinder them? I haven’t crafted in a while because after I work 8 hours a day, I am not inclined to go “work” in UO for another 1 or two hours. Most of the skills are repedative at best, and hidiously tedious at worse. That’s not including what one often has to do just to get the matierials to make them with.
I think that the overall net effect will be a vast improvement. I certainly like the way it feels as I test it on my development standalone shard. Let’s compare:

Before, in order to hammer out platemail, I would use my last object/wait for targeting cursor/last target macro. I’d make one item manually first to get the last target set, then sit there and hit the macro (I use F3 for that one), make the menu selection, then let the ingots be targeted and wait for the result. Now, I make the item once, then click “make last”. Since I don’t have to wait for the client-side last target macro to target the ingots for me, the process is slightly faster. After the attempt is made, my menu pops back up without me having to hit the macro key again, and the result of my last attempt is very visible in that window.

Nit: From a role playing perspective, it doesn’t make sense to require materials to be in your backpack… It would presumably be sufficient to have the materials at hand in your workshop. This makes things less convenient for those adventuring crafters who have to unload everything they’re carrying (and find containers that have enough lockdowns to hold it) when they want to, say, make plate chests. The “materials-must-be-in-backpack” requirement is one of the things that helps make carpentry somewhat tedious now…
I can certainly see this. The change to require everything be in the backpack was motivated more by the need to reduce the number of checks and the need for the targeting cursor. We want to make the interface easier to deal with. Requiring materials to be on your person also eliminates many special checking that needs to be done and eliminates many avenues of exploitation. By keeping the rules simple, the system is also much easier to cleanly re-code.

1. Will any items be partially hued in the UO3D client (the candlabra might have white “candle” parts there instead of the “metal colouring”)?
2. Will the colour of the lighting from light sources (lanterns, candlabras et.c.) be changed with the hue? For instance, will valorite lanterns give a blueish glow instead of the standard glow?

We won’t be able to make any artwork alterations for #1. As far as #2 goes, I’ll look into it.

While these new changes seem long overdue, they don’t include any changes that UO-Assist hasn’t already done for the last year. Well, with the exception of the target metal type.
UO Assist is not an OSI product and not all players purchase it. We can’t allow the existence and capabilities of UO Assist to influence how we modify the UO interface.

[010901] Once you click everything the first time, you then only have to hit the make last til you either run out of regs or blank scrolls.

Earlier I asked whether that was the way the “make last” worked, but I haven’t seen an official answer…

Yes, once you’ve made an item once, you can literally hover the cursor over the “make last” button and just click it over and over again. If you can’t make an item (because you don’t have enough blank scrolls, reagents, or mana for example) the window will display an appropriate message.

The notifications window displays the success/failure instead of displaying the information in the corner. Personally, I prefer to have a viewable means to know if I crafted something or not. UO-Assist doesn’t open the craft window… how am I suppossed to see this notification window?
The crafting window immediately re-opens after you make the item. So, say I hit the “make now” button next to “world map” in the Cartography menu, it makes the attempt and then immediately the window returns and notifies me whether or not I succeeded.

Does the window “have” to close and re-open? Can’t the window be updated dynamically? Just concerned how it will be affected with lag.
For right now, yes. For the initial release, this sytem will use what we call “generic gumps”. This is how we can dynamically generate interface elements from the server without requiring a client patch. Unfortunately, generic gumps are limited in their capabilities and can’t update dynamically with new content from the server. They have to close and then re-open.

Some time down the line, it is my hope that we’ll be able to improve client-side support for interfaces. Ideally, it would be done exactly as you describe – the window is persistent but updates dynamically.

The menus take up too much of my 800x600.screen. If they can’t make them smaller, making them semi transparent is probably the best way to go.
Unfortunately, we have text height limitations. We have to leave enough room for Simplified Chinese and Kanji, both of which require a certain text height. Also, for many languages, a word or phrase can be quite a bit longer than the English equivalent, meaning we have to leave extra horizontal room on the menu as well. Making the menus smaller is pretty much out – I’m glad you like the transparency! :)

Vex I got a huge kick out of you using the 2d client with the 3d art files. :-) The walls of that villa in the Tinkering Menu screenshot are a dead give away. =) I wonder what other files from the 3d client you might be using on the 2d client. :-P
I was using a development client that has the ability to use some artwork from Third Dawn and the Ilshenar map. I will be able to get more screen shots made with a normal 2D client up soon. :)

As far as using some of the Third Dawn artwork in the 2D client, that is a question for the client programmers.

New Tools
Will All the crafting tools be craftable by tinkers?
Yes, and to address another question I saw, none of the components will be particularly expensive. The new tools will appear on appropriate NPC shopkeepers and be creatable by player tinkers.

Vex, will the crafting tool settings be saved in the object or the character using it? Right now when a crafting tool breaks, “make last” resets…
We’re changing it so that crafting menu state is saved on the player. So, when you switch tools, your Last Ten and Make Last entries will be saved. Also, the window automatically re-opens to the same page you were on before. So, if you are in the Tinkering menu looking at the Assemblies category, when you come back to the menu one minute or one week later it will re-open to that page.

actually scribimus a tinker can make any tool cept for this new pen thing for scribes and cartographers… everyone else has to buy it off npc or a tinkerer…
One of the screenshots shows a new tool in the Tinkering menu.

1) Will newbied ones be available? If so, where/how?
2) Will they wear out? If so, after how many scrolls/arrows/uses?

The plan is for the new tools to wear out, with similar durability to other tools, and for them to appear as “newbiefied” starting equipment as appropriate.

Will Tinkering with colored ingots require the appropriate skill level for each particular color?
Yes. Your Tinkering skill will correspond to the same skill requirements used for colored metal elsewhere. So, in order to tinker Verite, you’ll have to have 95.0 or more Tinkering skill, and Valorite will require 99.0 or more.

…with having to have the components in my pack (love this idea, no problems with it) what happens when you have more then one type of gem… in other words.. this is another one of those special exceptions where a targetting cursor for gem choice and ingot choice should be considered. I hope.

A ruby necklace made out of shadow ingots… Very cool thought.

The way it’s set up now is that each combination of jewelry and gemstone appear as separate entries in the list, and the jewelry takes the hue of the metal used. So, you can make a ruby necklace out of shadow. The item’s name will not include the type of metal used (just like a valorite plate chestpiece is just named “platemail”. With nine colors (default plus eight metal colors), nine different gemstones, and six different piece of jewelry, the total number of combinations pushes 500. :)

I am assuming that the tinkered items (shown in shot as coloured) will retain their old-style (unhued) colouration if you use iron ingots as opposed to any other metal?
Correct – using iron produces the “normal” item as it looks currently.

I specifically included the candelabra to get feedback on the appearance when hued. Since that isn’t a “partially hued” piece of artwork, it means that the entire sprite is colored, including the candles and flame.

One other thing – about tailoring. I kind of dislike having to pick up and set down cloth just to be sure I have only one color of cloth in my pack… Would it be possible to change the “ingot selection” box for tailoring to a target cursor? That way you could set it on, for example, a stack of 200 evil-blue-mage cloth (my guildmaster’s favorite color, I think), and tailor until the stack was empty. Then you have to switch off of that to another stack. Makes it only one selection cursor for a ton of uses, and less clumsy than dropping many stacks of cloth just to make one blue shirt…
I’ll definitely put more thought into coming up for a better solution to this.

I do want to stand firm on the requirement that crafting materials be in the user’s backpack. The reason for this is more than just interface consistency. Currently, there are a huge number of special case rules for when a material is usable for crafting, and I really want to get away from that. Having to check for line-of-sight, whether the material is being considered in a trade window, whether it is locked down and who locked it down, etc. all add up to one huge coding mess that eats up development and QA time and makes the whole process difficult to understand for developer, tester, and player alike. By universally requiring that materials be in a player’s backpack, we avoid potential for the numerous exploits that have appeard and been squashed over the years, like the one where you could smith using locked down ingots through the walls of a private house.

However, I think a toggle to allow material targeting so long as the targeted material is in the player’s backpack is very doable.

How will it work when I click to create 100 recall scrolls? Right now, I would have to wait for mana to regenerate. I am curious as to how you are handling this problem.
To clarify, multi-make will not apply to any items you can’t already make in bulk. For instance, when fletching, the system automatically makes as many arrows as possible using the available shafts and feathers in your pack. Since it already works that way, the multi-make option will continue to be available.

We have no plans to add multi-make to anything where it isn’t already supported (like potion grinding or inscription). You’ll still have to make them one at a time.

Incidentally, all crafting skill delays will be shortened as part of this change, probably to around 1 second. So, while the ability to use a mortar and pestle’s "make last" function by targeting it instead of a reagent will go away, Alchemy will gain the Last Ten and Make Last buttons, and you won’t have to wait so long for the potion to actually be ground. For making scrolls, you’ll still have to wait for mana to recharge.

We did talk about having multi-make work for other things, by having the server loop through the task for you – but that would just encourge unattended macroing. :)

[010901] I see in the screen for scribes a choice to mark item, Scrolls?? Please let it be true!
For Inscription, the mark option only applies to runebooks.

Adding exceptional quality and the maker’s mark to stackables isn’t really feasible. Items would either have to lose their exceptional status and maker’s mark when stacked with non-exceptional items, or marked ones would have to refuse to stack with any except others with the same maker’s mark.

I’d be willing to bed it would be harder to sell scrolls with maker’s marks on them, if they wouldn’t stack with other scrolls. And if they lost their mark when stacked with normal scrolls, it would pretty much defeat the purpose of the maker’s mark.

[060901] a) Will the NPCs that currently sell blank maps begin selling blank scrolls also/instead? And b) Will the current blank maps be going away, since no cartographer will want them anymore?
Yes, NPC cartographers will begin selling blank scrolls as well as mapmaker’s pens. They will also continue to sell blank maps, which will also remain usable to draw maps.

No targeting for cartography anymore, eh? So when I have a pack full of 100 blank maps and I successfully make a map, I have no idea which one is no longer blank? I personally don’t like that, and I never used UOAssists helper feature for this very reason. I like to know which maps are not blank so that I can get rid of them! Maybe you could slightly rehue a map that has been successfully created so we can tell the difference?
I hadn’t thought of that problem. I’ve also never played a cartographer. I’m guessing the current way is to target the blank and then drag it somewhere else right after using it? This is a good idea. I’ll run it by the team, and if we don’t go with this exact suggestion we will find a good way to handle this. :)

[060901] Repair After some brainstorming with Evocare and Calandryll, we have come up with some better ideas regarding weapon and armor repair.

I stated earlier that loot frequency was one of the main concerns regarding bow repair. That is still a concern, and we are not going to be able to re-evaluate this immediately. Repair of bows and other currently non-repairable weapons and armor will be re-evaluated – just not right now. In the meantime, we will take steps to insure that anything currently repairable by a blacksmith continues to be repairable by blacksmiths, including heavy crossbows.

Another big issue with repairs is the issue of scams. If we were to enable additional types of item repair, we would just exacerbate the whole problem. With more items to repair, more people would be able to attempt repair scams. In order to enable repairs for more crafting skills, we first have to fix the repair system itself.

We aren’t ready yet to begin discussing the specifics of the ideas for secure repairs, but we do have something in the works. Once we have really fixed repairing (now that’s an interesting turn of phrase), we will be better prepared to add in repairing for other crafts.

[060901] Repair You are trying solve a social problem with technical means. This is the wrong way, it’s terribly wrong to design that way. Please think about this, discuss it with Raph if you have his email address or anyone else, just please do not try to press the game in a narrow shape that leaves zero opportunity for the community to deal with issues.
Let me quote Calandryll and then expand on it: “There is nothing wrong with solving a social problem with code. Good designers do it all the time. That’s our job.”

The community does deal with these issues--by calling the “police”. For UO, this means a support call.

This is cut and dry problem of game mechanics allowing one player to take advantage of another. Blacksmith scammers generate in-game support calls. More calls in the queue means longer wait times, increased frustration, etc.. Therefore, anything I can do for UO to reduce the number of GM calls made is good for everyone. It will help us provide better service and keep costs down.

Here is the choice we are faced with: We have a problem with scammers. They take other people’s stuff and run off with it, and the victim can’t do anything about it in-game except call a Game Master. The design team has limited time to find a solution, and that solution has to fit a very tight development and quality assurance schedule. What do we do?

a> Remove repair alltogether, totally eliminating the possibility of the scam. This solution that takes next to no effort to think of, implement, and test, but it destroys a component of player interaction in the game. Not to mention, it reduces the usefulness of magic weapons and armor – impacting PvM and PvP – impacting the in-game economy. A ripple like this would be felt everywhere in the pond.
b> Come up with a way to do the repairs securely and fairly, that still requires players to interact. This solution is a bit tougher, but doesn’t nerf anything except the ability to scam.
c> Figure out how to add a player justice system to the game that would allow for the possibility of a scam, and also allow for the possibility for the player to get his stuff back and possibly some come-uppance on the scammer using in-game systems.

A isn’t really a solution at all. It’s just a plain old nerf.
C isn’t really a solution either. It ignores an important fact – the fact that it would still allow a scammer to negatively impact the gameplay of another player. The scammer probably doesn’t give a crap about someone’s weapons and armor anyway – the scammer just enjoys causing emotional distress. So, even if the player justice system allowed the victim to get his stuff back, the victim has still had a very unenjoyable experience in the game. The scammer got his enjoyment and the victim had a rough time of it. The solution failed to solve the real problem.

It wouldn’t even really be possible to enact meaningful retribution against the scammer. Suppose a scheme were put in where players could rate each other eBay-style. So, a scammer may get a few people before his account is red-flagged by a lot of negative feedback from other players. Great. Getting a new account is a piece of cake. What should we do about that? Start using credit bureaus and reporting virtual in-game scams on the account holder’s credit card?

Given all of that, the option chosen here was B. We’re working on a solution to item repair that will still require player interaction but will make it possible to eliminate theft and scam.

I quite frankly don’t have the gumption to revolutionize persistent state worlds; I just want to make UO better.

[060901] …Does this mean I’ll d-click the tool, get the menu with all items I can “cook”, and the game takes the required incredients automatically?

[060901] If this is correct, the question that leaps to mind is, “Why?”. I kind of enjoyed trying out different receips, mixing “stuff” and seeing what I get. It’s one of those “atmosphere features”.
Standardization and expandability. It is much easier to write sharable code this way. Currently, the amount of code shared between crafts is minimal. Adding new craftables to the system requires hardcoding many different aspects into the system. With the rewrite, by using a standard interface (double-click a tool, get a menu, menu generation is a core feature rather than instance-specific), adding new craftables is much closer to data entry than programming.

This is one of those trade-offs that will have to be made as UO moves forward. We want to enhance crafting, but we can’t unless we make some radical changes to how crafting works.

[060901] Also, you listed various cooking tools. What is the difference between a skillet and a rolling pin?
The same as the difference between a froe and a moulding planes. Basically, no difference. You can make anything on the carpentry menu using any one of the several carpentry tools. The new cooking tools will be the same.

[060901] Lastly, will cooking items be made difficulty based? Or will everyone still be able to try any item?
We’re not (at this instant) making any changes to skill requirements anywhere in the crafting system. So, for now, minimum skills and item difficulties will remain unchanged.

Other Devs –
Calandryll –
This change is about a lot more than just the menus. Vex added make last to the crafts, something crafters have been asking for for a long time. Secondly, what you don’t see is all the behind the scenes code changes that Vex made that will make crafting far easier to extend and expand in the future.

Simply because a change goes in that you personally are not interested in does not make that change unimportant or not needed. All one has to do is read this thread, read the player reactions, to see that many, many players feel this change is not only important, but also long overdue.
Calandryll –
I think some people are missing the whole point of this update. Why continue to add things to a system that needs an overhaul before you overhaul it?

The crafting system as it is coded right now makes it very hard to add new stuff and to change things. What Vex did was change that so now expanding the system is far easier. But, before we add stuff, we need to test and then add the new system. This was no small change and it needs to be done one step at a time or it will never actually get released.
Hanse –
Most of the menu selections are less clicks. Especially when you consider the “last ten” section which shows you the last ten items you’ve created.

The gump displays after you’ve attempted to create an object. This allows you to simply click the make last button without having to use a saw, smith hammer, sewing kit, etc… It avoids another unnecessary step.
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