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DelaynoneStat ±Str:– Dex:5% Int:5%
Starting Eq.3 Ginseng, 3 Garlic, 3 Black Pearl, 3 Spider Silk, 5 Bottles, Mortar & Pestle, Robe (red)
HintTrade Skills :: Alchemy Use the Alchemy skill to make potions. When you mix your potion, you will need an empty bottle in which to put it. If you do not have an empty bottle in your inventory, the game will suggest that you find one. For a list of potions and their ingredients, see the “Skills” section of the Traveller’s Guide.
1. Double-left-click on pestle and mortar.
2. Left-click on the appropriate reagent.
3. If there is more than one kind of potion you can make from these reagents then select the potion you want.
4. SUCCESS: You have made a potion.

Trade Skills :: Alchemy Optimal Skill Gain Table
Follow the table to gain skill in the fastest manner. It’s not the most cost effective unless you PvP and use the White and Blue potions.

Empty BottlesP o t i o n   t o   G r i n d
<30Lesser Heal, Lesser Cure, Lesser Poison, Night Sight, Refresh
±30Lesser Explosion
±40Agility, Heal, Poison
±50Total Refresh, Cure, Strength
±60Greater Agility, Explosion
±70Greater Strength
±77Greater Heal, Greater Poison
±90Greater Explosion, Greater Cure
±97Deadly Poison
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