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DelaynoneStat ±
Difficulty-BasedyesGainLocation Limited
Starting Eq.Fishing Pole, Floppy Hat
HintUse the Fishing skill to catch fish which can be eaten or sold.
1. Double-left-click on a fishing pole.
2. Left-click on a body of water.
3. SUCCESS: You have caught some fish. (Fish may not always be present in every body of water.)

Hanse on Fishing – 15th July 01 – nocturne
Hanse on Fishing on the uo.com boards –
Big Fish –
The big fish was complained about because it was too hard to fish up. We made it more common (along the lines of a treasure map, but it requires less skill). It had a typo and had a very tough fishing up percentage (folks were spending 8 hours without fishing up one). It was something like a 0.01% chance. It was upped to roughly 3% or so successful attempts (that’s a very rough estimate). That change was made prior to the taxidermy kit being available for purchase.
Hot Spots –
There aren’t any tricks. Fishin’ is pure luck. If you find a “hot spot”, you’re just having a lucky streak. :)
Server Lines –
Oh. There is one issue with fishing near server boundaries. The deep water calculation fails if you are within 8 tiles of a server boundary.

This is because it looks for water tiles all around you. If one of those tiles is “unseeable” by the server you’re on (ie: the tile is on another server), then you are considered fishing in shallow water.

So, do not fish too close to those boundaries.
Risk vs. Reward –
I’ve fished for a long time. We fished hidden, from shore, and received tons of bottles for no risk. Now, you are revealed if you fish, it must be deep water, and the risk is fighting off a serpent. The balance is much better than it was before.
I only quoted the gameplay bits, there are also some of his personal experiences as a fisherman and all, it’s a pretty long thread.

thigh bootsFootwearbootsshoessandalsWhatever your skill, there is a chance you will pull up footwear, which is worth more than fish, at any rate.0
a fishFisha fisha fisha fishThe whole point of fishing. Use a blade on a stack of fish to cut them into fish steaks. Each fish gives you four steaks. Cook the steaks to eat them.0
Sea Serpent[09032k] Fishermen at over 80 skill will have a chance to pull up a sea serpent regardless of whether they succeed or fail at fishing when in deep sea.80
highly peculiar fishHighly Peculiar Fish+10 Stamina80
prized fishPrized FishTemporary +5 Int.80
truly rare fishTruly Rare FishTemporary +5 Str.80
wondrous fishWondrous FishTemporary +5 Dex.80
a tattered treasure mapTreasure MapLevel 1 Map. See Treasure Maps.90
a message in a bottleA Message in a Bottlea waterstained SOSWhen you use the bottle you get a waterstained SOS. The SOS gives you coordinates from which you can fish up sunken treasure, and, sometimes, loot recovered from a shipwreak. More Information.GM
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