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DelaynoneStat ±Str:20% Dex:– Int:–
Starting Eq.Pickaxe or Shovel
HintUse the Mining skill to extract ore from the ground.
1. Double-left-click on a pick or shovel.
2. Left-click on the ground in hill or cave terrain.
3. SUCCESS: You have mined some ore. (It is possible that ore is not present.)

[061201] Vex –
I won’t give away the exact formulas, but I can state that for any colored ore, your chance to smelt that ore at the lowest skill level at which you can mine that ore is 50%, and your chance increases as your skill does. So, for colored ore, it is safe to say that you always have at least a 50% chance to smelt it, if you can mine it.
[051201] Sannio –
I have a miner who is not GM yet, about 98.x in mining skill. However, his modified skill in mining is 100.0 due to the use of mining gloves. I found that I can read the stone mining and sand mining books, is this a bug? Does this mean I can mine stones and sand by now? No need to have unmodified skill = 100.00?
The fact that the mining gloves can boost your mining skill to the level needed to use those stone mining & sand mining books isn’t a bug. Feel free to take full advantage of the perks of wearing your mining gloves. :]
Miner’s Guild
 1 iron oresmall pile2 stones2 small piles yield 1 ingot
 1 iron oremedium pile7 stones1 ingot
 1 iron ore
 1 iron orelarge pile12 stones2 ingots

Miner’s Guild Changes to Ore Spawn [131101]
We fixed a bug causing areas in Ilshenar to produce pieces of ore that didn’t produce ingots when smelted, and a direct result of that bug fix was that ore areas will now restock independently of each other. Other changes were made at the same time to increase the rarity of rare ores, as well as give experienced miners the ability to influence their frequency of obtaining the rarer types of ore.

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