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Calandryll –
There will be continuity from this one to the next one. Quite a bit actually. Although it may take a while for all the pieces to unfold. The idea is to tell a contuining story, not a bunch of short stories.
The scenario – not quests, not events – thing currently running is meant to introduce new “content” into the world on a regular basis, with an emphasis on “content” instead of “improvements”, which was previously the case with the monthly patches.

Following an eight week cycle, parts of the outcome of each scenario will be determined by player actions, which opens the possibility of having vastly different environments on each shard, as opposed to the purely cosmetic differences we see now.
Calandryll –
For instance, let’s say as part of a scenario, we had undead attack moonglow which affected reagent prices throughout the lands. If players did not fight back against the undead and win back the city, the reagent prices would never go back down. If they didn’t fight back enough, Moonglow would forever be invaded by the undead, until the players did. So in this example, on some shards Moonglow could be freed, while on others, it’s still being attacked. We wouldn’t stop the attacks ourselves just because the next scenario was starting.

Also, each 8 week scenario could tie into the one before it, essentially creating an even larger scenario over time. We’re doiing it in 8 week cycles more to keep things organized and to try to establish some patterns that players can get familiar with with.
[061001] Calandryll –
Town criers are not going to give out any scenario hints anymore. Only barkeepers do that now.
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