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Orcish Bow

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an orcish bow an orcish bow an orcish bow [240501]
It’s better than a regular bow. It doesn’t spawn on every orc scout, but it is more common than the mask. – Calandryll
Here’s an orcish bow and the text you get when you Arms Lore it. The bows can be found on orc scouts.

an orcish bow

An orc camp Two new orc types were introduced, “an orc scout” and “a frightened orc”.

The frightened orc will run away when attacked, which has a nice side effect for bards, since it will lure away normal orcs while you concentrate on the scouts.

The orc scout is a rather powerful combatant. It spawns with around 60 arrows, 20 bandages, ±100 gold and some apples for those long nights defending the Fatherland. Once wounded, it will begin healing itself with a bandage. If it takes enough damage (around 50%), it will teleport away and hide. They do a fair amount of damage with archery. They will run out of arrows and bandages, so it is possible to kill them through normal melee, but it takes a rather long time. I used Magery and they weren’t that tough to beat. A side note for bards and tamers, if you provoke another creature onto the scout, when it tele-hides, the creature will go to where it is hiding, cast reveal on that spot.

For the record, the orc scout was coded by Augur.
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