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Rare Item List

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Body PartsThese do not decay and can be locked down, unlike those you get from chopping up a dead human. May or may not be “recovered from a shipwreck”.
bonesBone Containersbonesbonesbonesbonesbonesbonesbonesbones
These come in nine images; five different images with four having alternate facing. These function like normal containers.
a orc mask
a bear maska deer mask
a tribal maska tribal mask
Masks“Orc Mask”, “Bear Mask”, “Deer Mask” and two versions of “Tribal Mask”s. All of these but the Orc Mask may be enchanted. All of these come in two facings.
a disguise kitDisguise KitMembers of the Thieves’ Guild can buy this for 700 gold.
Inverted Weapons & ArmourThese weapons and armour face differently from the normal facing which can be crafted or purchased. These make a nice set with a normal version as they can be crossed.
a clockClockFaces East instead of the normal South.
 a roast pigRoast PigStackable. Not exactly rare, but great for decor.
 bunch of bananasBunch of BananasStackable. Not to be confused with the single bananas which can be bought.
 a coconut a coconutCoconutsStackable. These come in three different images.
lemonslimesLemon/LimeStackable. Not to be confused with the single lemon/lime which can be bought.
a slab of bacona slab of baconSlab of BaconStackable. These come in two facings.
a wedge of cheesea wedge of cheeseWedge of CheeseStackable. Not to be confused with Wheel of Cheese (a wheel of cheese), which can be bought.
2 dried flowers2 dried flowersDried Flowersdried herbsdried onionsAlso “Dried Herbs” and “Dried Onions”. Dried Flowers have two different images (images, not facing). These are stackable and look a lot better in pairs.
forged metalForged Metal
horse shoesHorse Shoes
2 iron ingotsIngotsStackable. Inverted facing.
2 gold wire2 silver wire
copper wireiron wire
WireStackable. “Gold Wire”, “Silver Wire”, “Copper Wire” and “Iron Wire”.
a tool kita tool kitTool KitThese come in two facings.
arrow shaftsArrow Shafts
paints and brushPaints and Brush
a rolling pinRolling Pin
whipWhipMay not be equipped.
Coloured Sandals
a fruit basketa basketFruit BasketIf eaten, these become “a basket”, which can be used as a container.
full jarsFull Jars
a barrelBarrel with LidNot to be confused with normal barrels. These can be used as containers.
 Mandrake RootMandrake Root
Marble Table
pitcher of waterPitcherInverted facing, may contain liquid.
a blank scroll2 blank scrollsBlank ScrollsStackable. Inverted facing.
 Death ShroudDeath ShroudCan be worn.
deed for a blue tentTent Deeds“deed for a blue tent” and “deed for a green tent”. If you double-click one, it returns the message “Tents can no longer be placed in Brittania”.
a metal boxGold BoxThese boxes may be picked up and may be used as containers.
 Empty VialsEmpty VialsThese were found a long time ago, when liche houses spawned in the wilderness.
Small FishUsed to be rare.
 Tambourine with TassleTambourine with TassleUsed to be rare.
Tarot Cards
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