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Christmas 01 Gifts

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– Contributions from GoldenBlood, Victorias Secret of Baja and Veramocor

This is a prize ticket! It will only work for YOU, so don’t give it away. Holiday Gifts [211201]
Characters that are older than 30 days (real days, not UO days) will be given a holiday ticket in their backpacks upon logging into UO. a pile of snow A Pile of Snow
Selecting a pile of snow will place a snow pile in your backpack. a snowy scene of [town name] Snow Globe
The snow globe is a round orb on a small stand, which glows and has “sparkles” inside of it. a statue of Dawn Decorative Statuette
Choosing a decorative statuette will give the character a random, specially hued, statuette. These statues will be named after notable characters from Ultima Online fiction, seen as “a statue of [name]” when single-clicking the statues. The character name and colors are random for each statuette selection. a deed for a holiday tree Holiday Tree Deed
Selecting the Holiday Tree Deed will place a deed in your backpack. [an error occurred while processing this directive]