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Christmas ’99 Gifts

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a pile of snowSnowballs!To throw a snowball at another player, double-click the snow pile and target that player. Only players who have a snow pile in their backpack may be targeted and you will receive a message if the targeted player is not a valid target. There is a delay as to how often you can throw a snowball from the snow pile. The snow piles have unlimited uses.
A clothing bless deedClothing Bless DeedOne use only. After double-clicking the deed, target an article of clothing (such as tunics, boots, hats, etc.). Once targeted, the clothing will become “blessed”. “Blessed” clothing can still take damage (from maces for example) and will have [blessed] after the name.
A deed for a potted plant.Potted Plant Deed
a potted tree a potted treea potted treea flowerpot a flowerpot
Double-clicking the deed will create one of five random potted plants at your feet. The plant can be picked up and carried. Although the potted plant deed is “blessed”, the plant itself is not. Like normal items, potted plants need to be locked down once Phase III is in effect.
a deed for a holiday treeHoliday Tree DeedHouse Add-On. Places a Holiday/Christmas Tree.
a holiday timepieceWatchDouble-clicking it will give you the time. Labeled as a holiday timepiece, different from a wristwatch given out previously. Also, since they are “blessed” and not “newbiefied”, Reds can keep them on death.
a fireworks wandFireworks Wanda fireworks wand (if it has the full 100 charges) or a fireworks wand with # charges 100 charges. Double-click the wand to shoot fireworks.

Rares Rares :: Christmas ’99 ::
Gifts | Matching Tickets | Clothing Bless Deed

Alternatively, if you have a safe way to transfer tickets between characters;
Rares Rares :: Christmas ’99 ::
Gifts | Matching Tickets | Clothing Bless Deed

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