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Veteran Rewards

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Rares :: Veteran Rewards Ultima Online Rewards Program [180901]
The Ultima Online Rewards program is designed to reward our long-term players for loyalty to the UO community. It is our way of thanking you and showing our appreciation for your long-term support of UO, and for your contribution to making UO the most popular virtual world in existence today.

Account Age
The age of an account will be determined in the following manner:
Veteran Reward Selection Screen

There are three categories of player reward levels currently identified as part of the program: players who have been in the game for 12 to 23 months, players who have been in the game for 24 to 35 months, and those who have played for 36 months or more. Each of the three designated categories of long-term players will be offered a different selection of in-game rewards.

All reward options are ‘no loot’ and ‘no steal’, and clothing items will never wear out.

Your account is not old enough to use this item. It is important to note that characters on an account with less than the appropriate amount of time will not be able to use some of these items. For instance, if another player gave you a golden cloak, but your account is 20 months old, you would not be able to wear it until your account reached 24-months. This applies to all clothing items, ethereal mounts and leather and special dye tubs. The monster statues, black and furniture dye tubs may be used by any character, regardless of account age.

Players who fit into one or more of these categories will have the option to receive their rewards when they log into the game after attaining a reward level. Rewards are given on a “per account” basis, but may be divided among characters on an account. It is very important to make sure you have the correct character logged on before choosing a reward. GMs will not be able to transfer rewards from one shard to another. For example, a player who has a 24 month old account may choose to accept two rewards with a character on one shard, and may choose the remaining reward on a different shard. The option to collect rewards will appear each time you log in to the game until you have chosen the total awards for which you are eligible.

You will be given the option to collect any rewards for which your account is eligible upon release of the program, regardless of account anniversary date. Thus, for example, if your account is 23 months old, you will be eligible for the 12-month rewards on the day the program is released, and will be eligible for your 24-month rewards as soon as your account reaches 24-months. Note that you can ‘save’ your rewards, if your account is 23-months old, you may decide not to choose any rewards for a month and choose three 2-year rewards when your account reaches 24-months.

If you make a rewards program selection during a final backup or before a server crash, the system may not have adequate time to save your choice. When the shard returns to service, it may take a few minutes for the server to recognize that you have not gotten your reward. The system will account for this however, and after a few minutes you will be able to select a reward. [an error occurred while processing this directive]