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Lockdown and Secure Changes [23082k]
Access to secure containers can now be assigned by the house owner. Locking down secure items in houses will change in the following ways: The following items will be useable when locked down:

× An unfortunate (intended?) side-effect of this update is that if your house had lock downs over the limit, the code will automatically unlock random items to put your house within the limit.
× By the time you log in, the items would have already decayed. (Yes, it happened to me.)

Lockdown Changes [02082k]
The circumstances under which lockdowns may be “used” will be updated with the following changes: Lock Downs & Secure Containers [231199]
As part of Phase II, the number of secure containers and locked down items have been increased. Designating a container as secure will take up 125 of your lockdowns, regardless of how many items you actually put in the secure container. Note that containers within a container do not have a weight limit. This allows players to forego secure storage for more lockdowns. Secure containers do not have weight limits.

TypeFootprintFloorsSecuresLock DownsPrice
Small House (6 types)7 × 71342545k
Large Stone House14 × 14181,100144k
Large House with Patio14 × 14181,100144k
2-Story House (2 types)14 × 142101,370192k
Tower16 × 144152,119433k
Small Stone Keep24 × 242182,625665k
Castle31 × 312284,0761,022k

These changes, along with the ability to lock down stackable items and the removal of weight restrictions from secure containers and bankboxes, should offer you adequate room to store your most valuable and useful items and decorate your home.

You will also be able to lockdown containers and the items inside of them. These items will not be subject to decay once locked down in the container. Saying “I wish to lock this down” on a container will; Locked down items can be used in the following manner; Pre-Phase II
TypeFootprintFloorsSecuresLock DownsPrice
Small House (6 types)7 × 7112545k
Large Stone House14 × 141486144k
Large House with Patio14 × 141486144k
2-Story House (2 types)14 × 1425108192k
Tower16 × 14412244433k
Small Stone Keep24 × 24219375665k
Castle31 × 312295771,022k
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