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Calandryll –
Virtue points do not decay at all until after you hit the first path. So even the casual gamer can attain and maintain the first path.
Calandryll –
You can sacrifice a few times after Knight, that way when the decay rolls around you dont immediately lose that path. But there is a cap. Sacrificing a couple times at Illustrious sounds right.
Calandryll –
I’m not normally one to give out the numbers behind a system and if this sort of thing is not something you want to see (some people really hate seeing the point values) please don’t read this. But, I think for this it is appropriate since there is some confusion as to how the system works. I’m not going to use the actual numbers, but the numbers I am using are very indicative of how the system works.

Let’s say that it requires 400 points to gain the first path and 1000 points to gain the second path. At the lowest level of fame allowed, you gain 50 points and at the highest (Glorious Lord) you get 200 points. So, after two high level sacrifices, you’d achieve path one (this is true in the current system as well).

The decay rate is once per week at 50 points per week. So, in order to maintain your current path and points, you’d only need to sacrifice once per week at what is “Prominent” fame. If you sacrificed just once a week at Glorious Lord (and it seems that many of you are doing this more than once a week), you’d still be way ahead of the game. But, the decay will never take you below 399 points. So even if you didn’t sacrifice for a month, you’d still only be one point away from the first path.

We could lower the decay rate, but in truth, it’s there for two reasons. One, to make achieving and maintaining the highest path difficult. And two, following a virtue or virtues is not something one does for a little while and then “wins”. It’s an ongoing process requiring constant diligence. Without the decay, that ideal of the system is lost. Lowing the decay more than it is now could make the decay so small that it would go completely unnoticed.
The Virtue of Sacrifice [100102]
Sacrifice is part of a philosophy within Ultima Online known as the Virtues, and is one of eight pursuits within the upcoming Virtue system.

The Virtue of Sacrifice has been described as:
“The courage to give of oneself in the name of love.”
Pursuit of Sacrifice will be designed to allow players to interact with “monsters” in a manner other than one of combat.

Sacrifice & Redemption: Characters that attain a level of Fame will be able to “sacrifice” their Fame in order to defeat certain monsters. Virtuous Title & Abilities: When a character has achieved any number of Sacrifice points, he is considered to have achieved a certain step on the path of Sacrifice. [an error occurred while processing this directive]