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Calandryll –
Spirituality to me has always been the virtue that was more about understanding the other virtues. This system was designed to not only cover that fictional aspect of Spirituality, but also to address some concerns that some of you have expressed.

It will provide another way to gain in each virtue. This is something I have seen mentioned many times. Now, if you are not into helping people or don’t like PvP, you can still gain some Humility or Honor through Spirituality. You wont gain points as quickly as you would through the primary method, but it still allows you to gain to the second path in any virtue you chose.

It also will allow us a way to demonstrate some aspect of the virtue that the primary way of gaining in it may not have covered while also teaching players not familiar with the virtues something of each virtue. The lack of fame for humility and giving up wealth for sacrifice fit their respective virtue nicely and offer a quick glimpse into the virtue.

The last thing this system allows us to do is recreate the moral dilemmas so popular from the single player games. If you chose to forgo fame in the pursuit of Spirituality and Humility, you cannot gain towards Sacrifice. Not every virtue will have that kind of counter-system, but we can add when appropriate through this system.

We don’t have an idea for Honor yet, but am open to ideas.

The Virtue of Spirituality [In Concept]
Spirituality is part of a philosophy within Ultima Online known as the Virtues, and is one of eight pursuits within the upcoming Virtue system.

The Virtue of Spirituality has been described as:
“Spirituality is the concern with one’s inner being and how one deals with Truth, Love, and Courage.”
Pursuit of Spirituality will help players learn about the Virtues philosophy and game system, and give them alternate ways to gain in each Virtue.

Tasks: Players will be able to visit the Shrine of Spirituality (on Felucca, Trammel, or Ilshenar), and be able to double-click it in order to get a special gump-menu. Virtuous Title & Abilities: When a character has achieved enough Spirituality points, he is considered to have achieved a certain step on the path of Spirituality. [an error occurred while processing this directive]