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– Contributions from Griman

Orc SlayingOrcsUndead
Troll SlaughterTrollsUndead
Ogre ThrashingOgresUndead
RepondOrcs, Trolls, Ogres, Cyclopsi and TitansUndead
TerathanOphidians (Melee weapons only)Terathans
Ophidian SlayingOphidians (Bows only)Terathans
Snake’s BaneSnakesDragons, Terathans
Lizardman SlaughterLizardmenTerathans
Dragon SlayingDragonsTerathans
Reptilian DeathSnakes and LizardmenTerathans
Gargoyle’s FoeGargoyles (Regular and Stone, but not Flame)Elementals
Daemon DismissalDaemonsElementals
Balron DamnationBalronsElementals
ExorcismGargoyles and DaemonsElementals
OphidianTerathans (Melee weapons only)Ophidians
Terathan SlayingTerathans (Bows only)Ophidians
Spider’s DeathSpidersDragons, Terathans
Scorpion’s BaneScorpionsDragons, Terathans
Arachnid DoomGiant Spiders and TerathansDragons, Terathans
Flame DousingFire ElementalsDaemons
Water DissipationWater ElementalsDaemons
VacuumAir ElementalsDaemons
Earth ShatterEarth and Ore ElementalsDaemons
Elemental HealthPoison Elementals (?)Daemons
Blood DrinkingBlood ElementalsDaemons, Terathans
Summer WindIce CreaturesDaemons
Elemental BanElementalsDaemons
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